Tilting Our Homeostatic Balance for COVID-19 Prevention (Part 1): Mechanisms from Mind-Body Medicine

Mind-body medicine can help minimize risk to COVID-19. Mind-body practices include a full range of activities that aid healing and wellbeing.
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Tilting Our Homeostatic Balance for COVID-19 Prevention (Part 2): Mind-Body Practices

As part of COVID-19 prevention, mind-body practices can strengthen immune response to resist infection by controlling inflammatory response.
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A letter from our president on being a better ally and agent of change

In turning the page to a new fiscal and academic year, we find ourselves at a critical juncture in our nation’s history: a global pandemic, an economic crisis of historic
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Saybrook Insights – Episode 30: Continuing higher ed study and research during a pandemic

President Nathan Long, Ed.D., speaks with faculty member Walker Ladd, Ph.D., about student research and coping skills, especially now in the age of COVID-19 and from a humanistic perspective.
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Social work provides opportunities to directly help those in need. Discover five life-changing careers graduates can pursue with a Ph.D. in social work.
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Emotional self-regulation: how to check-in with yourself

Being able to self-regulate your emotions can help you improve the quality of your life and make better decisions. Learn more about self-regulation here.
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Saybrook Insights – Episode 18: The Power of Radical Cooperation in the Age of COVID-19 with Dr. Michael Horowitz

President Long talks to Dr. Michael Horowitz about the power of Radical Cooperation in the age of COVID-19.
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Saybrook Insights – Episode 13: The Power of Yoga and Health with Chinmay Surpur

Chinmay Surpur, an incoming Ph.D. Clinical Psychology student at Saybrook University, offers key insights on yoga and health.
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Saybrook Insights – Episode 5: Mindful Moment with Dr. Valerie Worthington

Designed to be 15 minutes in length, our Mind-Body Medicine faculty have banded together to provide these sessions as a source of centering and solace in these extraordinary times.
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