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As we continue to live in this unprecedented period in history, President Nathan Long encourages us to not lose sight of the larger, existential questions explored in the latest issue of UNBOUND.

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By President Nathan Long, Ed.D.

It’s no secret that these are trying times—the future isn’t as clear as it was yesterday, or the day before that—our tomorrows aren’t as easy to plan for as they once were. When we set out to work on UNBOUND a few months ago, our worries were fewer, our lives more static. As the entire world shifted its focus and means of connection, I was left wondering if the stories that we were telling would fit our new state of being. But then I thought back to the name of our digital magazine: UNBOUND.

When I conceptualized this magazine, I envisioned it as a digital representation of how our community has been unbound by tradition and history—always paving the way for a more just, humane, and sustainable world. In what time could this be truer than now? We are all living through a pandemic the likes of which has never been seen in our lifetimes—untethered to any traditions or rules.nathanlong

Our new normal doesn’t feel normal at all. But I hope that this circumstance, with this enforced isolation—a movement away from the loud, overstimulation of our every day—allows us the vital time needed to sit with difficult, existential questions that we sometimes avoid. From how we approach the end of our lives, to combating filter bubbles of information, to racism in technology, to the balance between theory and practice in workplace wellness, these are all topics you explored in this issue that require contemplation. At Saybrook we are devoted to systemic change, and I believe these stories will inspire and reenergize us to continue to seek solutions.

As president of Saybrook University, I know that our devotion to the principles of humanistic psychology and deep existential questioning are needed now more than ever. I want to let you know that through it all, we are in this together—across communities, across geographic borders, and across the globe. Stay safe and stay centered.

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