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In love? Beware of “Financial Infidelity”


Do you know what ruins intimate partner relationships? If you are thinking the obvious, cheating, try again. You very well might not guess this one – but you should know it,  because it ranks up in the top three reasons couples split, relationships end, and divorce proceedings occur. The culprit? Financial Infidelity. Yup, it is… Read more »

Research shows: stories have the power to heal


What is the best approach to encourage people to tend to their personal wellness and health – and how do we overcome cultural barriers?  It may be telling a story … as long as it’s the right kind of story.  This was recently proven in studies addresing one of the most common, and most difficult,… Read more »

Doctors need empathy, STAT!


A recent study out of the University of Toronto videotaped session with oncologists and found that only 22% showed empathy at times when patients needed it.   That’s too bad, not just because it’s cold and cruel – but because a large body of evidence is showing that empathy in conventional medical settings can make a… Read more »

The dangers of “second hand” media – why what your friends watch is more important than what you do


If you’re the kind of person who’s “plugged in” to culture, chances are you know what’s so controversial about Skins. A program on MTV that debuted January 17, Skins got three million viewers and launched six million arguments with its depictions of wealthy suburban teenagers who engaging in illicit drug use, sexually mature behavior, and… Read more »

The couch is not where healing happens


In the 20th century the popular metaphor for therapy was “the couch” – the therapist’s couch, Freud’s couch.  What did you do when you went to therapy?  You lay down on the couch.  It was almost a cultural cliché. It won’t work for the 21st century.  More and more, psychology is telling people to get… Read more »

90 percent of us have big regrets: dealing with it is a crucial skill for healthy living

Maybe an unexamined life is a little more worth living than we thought:  recent research has shown that wallowing in regret can lead to feeling stressed, anxious, unhappy about life … and even impact physical health. A study in the recent issue of the  Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin shows that about 90 percent of… Read more »

Psychology still needs to take Martin Luther King Jr.’s advice

In 1967, as black communities in Detroit and Newark were still picking up the pieces after rage had exploded onto the streets during the “Long, Hot Summer,” Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. addressed the American Psychological Association in Washington, D.C..  From the podium, Dr. King offered his vision for how psychology and sociology could help… Read more »

America is great at creating the kind of peole who can solve its problems, and terrible at letting them

Social mobility is the engine that powers the “American Dream” – the idea that all it takes to reach the top is hard work and talent.  Maybe America needs a new engine.  Social mobility doesn’t seem to be taking us anywhere anymore.  If you want to work for a top level investment bank, law practice,… Read more »