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Healthy advice: Just Breathe


Inhale. Exhale. Pheww! For you and me, this is an automatic experience.  Experts say, the average healthy adult breaths 9-14 breaths every minute. That’s every 4-5 seconds. It turns out that if we make this routine process a little less routine, it can have life-giving and healing effects for cancer other physical and psychological aliments?… Read more »

The treatments for anxiety can be much, much, worse than the “disease”


Epidemiologists suggest that some eighteen percent of the American population struggles with anxiety each year. Does that make you nervous?  What makes me nervous is that that BigPharma is handing out little white pills to deal with this problem … and instead of helping anxiety, these pills are funding the vacation homes of corporate executives…. Read more »

Playing well with others is just as crucial as Reading, Writing, and ‘Rithmatic


When your mom said “it’s important to play well with others!” she wasn’t kidding. A new meta-analysis shows that teaching children how to play well with others has far reaching benefits – it helps kids emotionally, socially and academically. This is the first large-scale meta-analysis (review of relevant research literature) of school programs that focus… Read more »

Artificial Intelligence’s biggest success isn’t making computers smarter — it’s making people dumber

Back in 1997, when IBM’s computer “Deep Blue” beat the world’s (human) champion at chess, the news world erupted:  were human beings on the way out? Well, were they?  Today it doesn’t seem like it.  I doubt you can come up with a single substantive way that a computer being better at chess than Gary… Read more »

Children without community suffer the worst effects of poverty

It’s been well established that poverty hurts the well being of children.  Bad health, obesity, mental illness – these are associated with childhood poverty and everybody knows it.  What we’re discovering now is that a lack of community engagement and connections caused by poverty might be a cause.  A new study published in Psychological Science,… Read more »

Money can’t buy brains, but poverty can hurt them


The richest nation in the world recently received a failing report card on its treatment of children. In a report entitled The Children Left Behind, UNICEF reported its findings on how children in the richest country are being cared for. A UNICEF report (PDF) called “The Children Left Behind” shows that one fourth of American children… Read more »