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Can we stop pretending the private sector is so efficient?


Recently in New York, Governor Andrew Cuomo proposed capping the salary of school superintendants at $175,000.  That’s still a lot of money, and it would certainly help school districts save $100,000 here and there annually.  But I’m confused:  why is it that, when private sector CEO’s are offered multi-million dollar incentive packages during the height… Read more »

Mindfullness training results in more ethical business decisions


Recently the federal Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission concluded about the 2008 economic collapse:  “there was a systemic breakdown in accountability and ethics.” No kidding.  It goes on:  “Unfortunately – as has been the case in past speculative booms and busts – we witnessed an erosion of standards of responsibility and ethics that exacerbated the financial… Read more »

“Dreaming” isn’t just sleeping: it’s problem solving, meaning making, and a key to health


We spend a third of our lives sleeping – and if you’re not sleeping enough, you could be in trouble. The National Sleep Foundation compiled research that shows lack of sufficient qualitysleep is linked to: Weight gain Risk of diabetes and heart problems Has a negative impact on mental health But the thing we miss… Read more »

How well does your body know your mind?


The best way to understand what you’re feeling might be to ask what your body’s doing.  Anyone who’s been paying attention to research knows there’s a connection between the mind and the body … and anyone who’s been paying careful attention is at least a little aware on a visceral level of how that connection… Read more »

Drug companies are waging Pharmacological Warfare on us – and what the FDA doesn’t know can kill you

Recently the New York Times highlighted the story of a US soldier who returned home from war and then died from his healthcare.  It was tragic for him, and it happens all the time.   The soldier suffered from Multiple Pharmaceutical Toxicity – what happens when the multiple drugs prescribed by physicians interact in patients. … Read more »

Where you excercise can be as important as how much


It’s tough for gym rats to get exercise outside right now, with most of the country buried in snow and ice.  But make no mistake:  getting non-industrialized in your lungs air can increase mental well-being.  A collaboration of researchers supported by two health research organizations reviewed the outcomes from research trials and outdoor exercise initiatives…. Read more »

Friends may really be the best medicine for depression

The news has been hard on anti-depressants – calling them little better than placebos with side-effects.  So, if you’re depressed, what can help? Find a group. A new review of research on depression shows that a peer group can help reduce symptoms of depression with similar if not better results than cognitive behavior therapy and… Read more »