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We are the first people in history to watch disaster footage on-demand. What impact does that have?

Harvard, ROTC

We’re witnessing another devastating natural disaster. We’ve been through this at lot recently, New Zealand, Haiti, now Japan … one of the things they have in common, aside from human suffering, is our inability as bystanders to turn away.  There are endless news stories about the devastation, loss and pain that millions are experiencing right… Read more »

Subliminal advertising has gotten more powerful: it’s time for the FCC to keep up


Turns out, you are choosing things based on subliminal messages. The way you vote, the food you buy, the brands you dig—they are all being deeply affected by subliminal advertising. It’s totally legal – and totally unethical. In recent years, an abundance of literature has surfaced proving that subliminal messaging can indeed affect our thoughts… Read more »

Hospice care is better care — by any measure


Palliative care has proven more cost effective and more care-oriented for seriously ill Medicaid patients. The Wall Street Journal reports that palliative care saves Medicaid an average of 6,900 per seriously ill patient; research proves that that care is better for mood, affect, and survival. More, research is proving that humanistic methods of care are… Read more »

International Women’s Day has come and gone – what do we know about women around the world?


March 8th marked the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day and March is Women’s history month here in the United States. What better time to briefly look at the life of a woman. The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that 1000 women die every day due to complications in childbirth, 13% of women world wide… Read more »

Studies suggest it is possible to rehabilitate sex offenders – by acknowledging their humanity

It’s been a big week for sex abuse scandals:  the Archdiocese of Philadelphia has suspended 21 priests – the largest mass suspension in church history – as a result of accusations involving inappropriate contact with minors.  Meanwhile victims groups have begun to say publicly that the Catholic Church should monitor accused priests the way the… Read more »

When insurance companies will only pay for pills, mental health practicioners have to swallow hard


Talk therapy doesn’t pay … or at least pay the bills … for psychiatrists. According to the New York Times, many psychiatrists who know perfectly well that talk therapy is a better option for their patients are under the financial gun because insurance companies won’t pay for them to develop a relationship with the people… Read more »

The American Psychological Association’s new guidelines are a step forward for gay rights


Last month, the American Psychological Association (APA) approved the release of the publication, Guidelines for Psychological Practice with Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Clients. It’s an essential publication, for psychologists and laymen a like, in order to empathically relate and ethically care for all people with equality—and according to their needs.  The guidelines were written with… Read more »