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Deceptive advertising, unethical research practices, “brain shrinkage” — have we had enough of Big Pharmacy yet?


BigPharma hasn’t admitted doing anything wrong – but their mask got pulled off all the same this month. Drug company AstraZeneca agreed to settle lawsuits brought by 37 states – effectively they’re paying $67.5 million to avoid having to go to court and defend themselves against charges that their marketing was deceptive and their research… Read more »

Say hello to “sidewalk rage,” a very real condition that’s a symptom of the modern addiction to speed and anger


Ladies and gentlemen, our culture has created a new kind of “mental illness” to suffer through. A recent article in The Wall Street Journal highlights the modern form of road rage with a twist – sidewalk rage. It’s being comically called “Pedestrian Aggressive Syndrome,” and likely is in a city near you. In Lower Manhattan,… Read more »

You always want a therapist who’s more interested in what you have to say than in what drugs you take


When it was published nearly 50 years ago, Carl Rogers’ work Client-Centered Therapy inspired a generation of therapists and transformed psychology.  It has remained relevant all this time, but over the years some – especially those who advocate replacing therapists with anti-depressants – have suggested that Rogers was too idealistic. Putting the patients humanity at… Read more »