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How to drive innovation (and maybe reduce ADHD): eliminate standardized tests

There are record numbers of unemployed, a shrinking pool of jobs, and an increase in school failure  rates.  Is now really the time to shift our education system to a nurturing system that focuses on growth?  Absolutely. This economic collapse presents an opportunity to transform not only our economy but how we live within it. Schools… Read more »

The psychological secrets of autobiography

Read any good autobiographies lately?  Rolling Stones founding member Keith Richards, best known for his shepherd’s pies, rock and roll, and bloody noise, releases his autobiography Life on October 26. The book, written by Keith himself, speaks to the glories and tragedies, the days of Boy Scouts and addictions for the originator of the Rock… Read more »

Emotional identity theft – the psychological challenge of the Facebook era

Have you been a responsible citizen of the internet and used Facebook’s highest privacy settings?  Too bad, because Facebook has recently admitted privacy leaks in many of their applications – including their top 10 most popular. All told, some 70 percent of Facebook users are at risk for identity theft.  The risk for emotional identity… Read more »

The solution to bullying might be the bully

By now you’ve heard about the vicious bullying of children.  Tyler Clementi of Rutgers made his plea for help via online forums and a video blog. Asher Brown, 13 Seth Walsh 13, Phoebe Prince and Justin Aaberg all committed suicide after enduring years of bullying by their classmates.  The suffering these children had to endure… Read more »

Every mine is a mining disaster

Two months and 33 rescued miners later, the mine disaster in San Jose, Chile has come to a close. In what is believed to be the most extensive rescue effort in history, thirty-three miners were individually brought to the surface by a fifty-centimeter Phoenix capsule, from nearly two thousand feet below the dessert floor. The… Read more »

Creating a true food democracy

No food movement can be truly sustainable if it doesn’t take the rights and needs of the people who pick, process, and prepare the food into account. Saybrook Organizational Systems faculty member Erica Kohl-Arenas explains on Triple-Pundit.

The five stages of coping with sustainability

We all know we should eat right and exercise, but most of us don’t – and it’s not because we don’t understand the science. The same dynamic works with sustainability initiatives at even the most progressive companies, according to Dennis Jaffe: going green can be more challenging emotionally than it is intellectually. Companies that don’t take this… Read more »

Moving beyond “Sustainability as Usual”

The same kind of thinking that got us into an environmental catastrophe won’t be able to get us out of it.  According to the research of Kathia Laszlo, who co-directs Saybrook’s Organizational Systems MA program in Leadership of Sustainable Systems, it will take a new kind of thinking to get our society working on the… Read more »