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Why the era of anti-depressants is ending


The numbers are startling. More Americans than ever are receiving treatment for depression. The clincher? Psychotherapy is declining and the use of anti-depressant medications is increasing – steadily. Consumers had better beware. In 1998, 54% of patients being treated for depression received psychotherapy. Nine years later, in 2007, only 43% of people with depression received… Read more »

Kids in violent environments find a path to non-violence more often than we give them credit for


When kids grow up in neighborhoods that terrify adults, they learn to survive fast.  In one study, 76 percent of youth living in urban areas were exposed to some form of community violence including fighting, the use of weapons, and gun violence that led to murders.  When violence is a moment-to-moment experience, when it always… Read more »

The Human Rights/Humanistic Psychology connection

Friday, December 10th is international Human Rights Day. Adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in 1948, it has been promoting the cause of human rights for 61 years, and it seems there has been just as much progress as there have been struggles and failures. There are still many individuals, organizations, and governments who… Read more »

Deck the halls with Anxiety, Pain, and Loss


Tis the season! Eating…buying….decorating! The cycle seems endless. First there was Halloween candy, then tom the turkey, and now the little man in the red suit. The holidays in America represent capitalism in all its grandeur. Most shopping connoisseurs and major retailers agree that the holiday shopping season officially begins with the day after Thanksgiving;… Read more »

Carl Rogers’ legacy of human dignity

Recently, Time Magazine compiled a list of the twenty-five most powerful and influenential women of the century. And, to no surprise, Mother Teresa ranks in at the top. A Roman Catholic nun, known for her symbolic simple white garb with blue stripes, Mother Teresa brought the values of human dignity and intrinsic worth to one… Read more »

Thanksgiving Gratitude 365 days a year

This is a time of year when the word “gratitude” receives a lot of press, but if we’re honest about the way most of us spend the holiday, Thanksgiving is really all about the turkey, retail sales, and getting together with the family we hardly ever see.  We’re selling gratitude short.  It’s not just a… Read more »

Sanitation counts


Be honest:  did YOU celebrate World Toilet Day on Nov. 19?  This may be something that is off your radar, but there are billions of people without safe and clean toilets. Toilets are a bit of a taboo and ewwwww subject … but this is a serious and dangerous issue that is linked to millions… Read more »