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Do you ever outgrow adolescence? (Yes. Yes you do)


According to Newsweek, you never escape high school. The magazine reports that recent studies – based on MRI scans – have concluded that teenage brains are in a crucial developmental phase, and what happens to you as a teenager will in large part determine the rest of your life. “This emerging research,” wrote Russ Juskalian,… Read more »

The stigma attached to mental illness is unfair, unjust … and unchanged


Research has shown that there is little to no relationship between “mental illness” and violent behavior. But try telling the public that.  Stereotypes are powerful, and not only is this one a thousand of years old, but it’s reinforced every night on prime time when cop shows and procedural dramas portray schizophrenic or psychotic killers. … Read more »

Are antidepressants accomplices to school shootings?

Do you know that the perpetrators of some of the most notorious school shootings in the world were on antidepressants? No?  I din’t think so.  Most people don’t.  It doesn’t get talked about very often.  But in fact Cho Seung Hui, the shooter in the Virginia Tech massacre in Blacksburg, Virginia was on antidepressant medications…. Read more »

You are not your brain

Where is your brain? Well, of course it’s in your head. Your mind is in the same place, right? Well, not so fast… As a recent article in the New York Times asks, “Is it possible that, sometimes at least, some of the activity that enables us to be the thinking, knowing, agents that we… Read more »

How insightful breakthroughs happen, and why

Think back to the last brilliant moment you had.  You know the one:  first you were racking your brain trying to figure out a solution to a difficult problem, and the next moment it was like a bolt of lightning hit, and suddenly you were a genius.  Problem solved. These wonderful “Aha” moments often happen… Read more »

The nicotine/depression connection

Have you heard friends or family members who smoke say they do it to calm their nerves or lift their mood when they are depressed? Or maybe you’ve even told yourself and others this is why you keep smoking.  It’s generally understood:  smoking calms your nerves. But a new research report found that this may… Read more »