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A year after Haiti’s earthquake, here’s what we’ve learned about trauma relief


January 12th will mark the year anniversary since the devastating earthquake in Haiti brought down its city, communities and people. Immediately after the earthquake, aid from all over the world rushed in to pull potential survivors from the rubble and to help with the physically and emotionally wounded. Medical response teams were usually followed by… Read more »

Is there a psychological treament for autism?

A parent’s worst nightmare can a diagnosis of Autism for their child. Also known as ASD, Autism Spectrum Disorder effects one out of every one hundred and ten children. ASD is characterized by an array of neurodevelopment disorders; which result in impaired social functioning, communication impediments, repetitious behaviors and overall restricted development. The terrifying part?… Read more »

Ron Kurtz, who combined Buddhism and psychotherapy into a remarkable method, has died


We’ve lost a  scholar, visionary, hero and prominent psychologist. Ron Kurtz, a revolutionary clinician, author and human, passed away Wednesday morning from a massive heart attack in Ashland, Oregon. Kurtz, known for his work as a body-centered psychologist, developed what is known as the Hakomi method of psychotherapy. Congruent with humanism and existentialism, the Hakomi… Read more »

What America can learn from Brazil about fighting poverty

It may seem counter intuitive to give poor families money just for sending their kids to school,  keeping a full time job, and buying healthy foods.  But what if that’s what works?                     Programs in the United States have long been providing financial assistance to families in the form of Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)… Read more »

The placebo strikes again! Here’s how we can harness it for better medicine


The trouble with placebos is that they work.  They shouldn’t. Placebos … a harmless sugar pill given that patients are told it is an actual drug … have a long track record of curing, healing, and improving the lives of patients.  Often a bigger track record than the actual drugs themselves.  Placebos work.  They shouldn’t. … Read more »

Pretending to be happy makes other people miserable


When you’re having a lousy day and someone asks “How are you?” … what do you do? If you’re like most people, you lie.  You decide that the truth won’t go over well and push down your negative emotions.  But just because it’s common doesn’t mean there aren’t consequences.  What does publicly denying our unhappiness… Read more »

2011 is the year to fight psychiatry and the pharmaceutical industry for your mind


According to epidemiologists 30% of Americans will be diagnosed with a mental illness in 2011. That’s disturbing enough, but this is also the year when the definition of what a so-called “mental illness” is could change.  You could be mentally ill right now – and if the pharmaceutical companies get their way, you certainly will… Read more »

Bullying kids into weight loss is still bullying


Parents in the Flagstaff, Arizona, school district were shocked to find their elementary school children coming home with letters from the district announcing that they were overweight.  The children had been given a Body Mass Index test during gym, and the results – along with district commentary about how the children stacked up to the… Read more »