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Existential Humanistic Institute conference looking for volunteers

Those who want to attend this year’s annual conference of the Existential Humanistic Institute, which Saybrook is co-sponsoring, have a perfect opportunity to help out and be helped in turn. The organizers of the conference, which will be held November 19-21st at the First Universalist Unitarian Church and Center in San Francisco, are looking for… Read more »

Recounting the real history of psychology: All 3 of them

Eugene Taylor doesn’t hesitate to be provocative.  “(T)hree of the most dreaded plagues in the history of scientific psychology,” he writes in the very first sentence of his new book, “have been conceptions of personality, models of the unconscious, and systems of psychotherapy.” Throughout psychology’s history, Taylor’s new volume reminds us, there has been a… Read more »

Changing more than just stationery: Saybrook to officially become a ‘university’soon

Saybrook Graduate School and Research Center, which already possesses three distinct stand-alone “colleges,” is poised to become Saybrook University by the end of this month. What’s in a name change?  Shakespeare reminds us that a rose by any other name would smell as sweet, but in this case the upcoming change in signature, stationary, and… Read more »

Saybrook enrollment soars in ’09

The newly combined Saybrook University welcomes its first incoming class this fall, 2009, and a robust new student enrollment of between 170 – 175 is anticipated.  This total – the combined total fall ’09 enrollment for all colleges – represents significant growth over enrollment for fall 2008. The exact total has yet to be determined, since… Read more »

Saybrook releases its new catalog – online

In a major move away from paper and towards instant access to information, Saybrook has released its fall 2009 university catalog this month – online. Only new students will receive a print copy of the catalog:  returning students can peruse the new content in its digital, searchable, form on the Saybrook website.  Additionally, by making… Read more »

Saybrook’s College of Mind-Body Medicine formally accredited

It’s official:  On August 5, 2009, the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), the federally recognized accrediting association for public and private schools and colleges California, officially approved Saybrook’s Mind-Body Medicine program, allowing it to offer MS and PhD degrees that will be recognized anywhere in the U.S., and likely the world. With this… Read more »

Don Moss new President-Elect for the APA’s Society on Hypnosis

Don Moss, Saybrook’s Mind-Body Medicine program director, has been elected President of Division 30 of the American Psychological Association for the term of 2010 – 2011.  Division 30 is the Society of Psychological Hypnosis. The election is one more example of Saybrook’s long leadership in the American Psychological Association’s divisions as well as in the… Read more »

From spiritual questions to daunting medical challenges: alumni scholarship support student research

Saybrook PhD student Erica Hamilton wants to create a multi-dimensional model for addressing a painful women’s medical condition.  PhD student Les Ernst wants to interview spiritual directors across the U.S. to study how they teach people to discern an authentic spiritual experience. Both of them will be able to complete these ambitious dissertations, thanks to support… Read more »