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Learn about the global peace movement

Saybrook University is pleased to co-sponsor “Taking Stock of Peace:  Inspiration from Peace Movements Worldwide,” featuring presentations from some of the leading academics studying peace in our time. Peace Movements Worldwide is the largest scholarly examination of the global peace movement in history.  This three volume anthology, co-edited by Saybrook faculty member Marc Pilisuk, is… Read more »

Catch “Connected’s” premiere – and discuss what it means to be human in a digital age

During Saybrook’s Fall 2011 Residential Conference, we were thrilled to be able to offer interested students a sneak peak at Tiffany Shlain’s upcoming documentary “Connected” – an examination of human life in a digital age. Student feedback was overwhelmingly positive – and now “Connected” is making its public debut for Bay Area audiences this Friday…. Read more »

Catch Saybrook at this year’s APA in Washington D.C.

Saybrook University is always well represented at the American Psychological Association, with faculty, alumni, and students making presentations, leading panels, and holding debates. This year they’ll be presenting on everything from using expressive arts in the workplace to the medical uses of hypnosis and the culture of cyberspace. Saybrook’s annual APA convention dinner, sponsored by… Read more »

Moral Courage, nonviolence, and peace in rural Columbia

Marc Pilisuk, who teaches in Saybrook’s Social Transformation program, will speak on “Moral Courage, Nonviolence, and Peace  Communities in Rural Columbia” on Wednesday, July 20.  Dr. Pilisuk is one of the leading scholars of peace in the world today.  He is the editor of the recently published three volume anthology  Peace Movements World Wide, the most extensive study of the global… Read more »

Calling Existentialists in the San Francisco Bay area


Do you want to connect with other existentially oriented therapists in the Bay Area?   The Existential Humanistic Institute is hosting a Learning Community on Thursday, July 7, to connect people interested in existential therapy and see how a vibrant existential culture can address local and global needs.  A Learning Community is a social forum in… Read more »

Join us for the launch of: Peace Movements World Wide


AHIMSA, the Metta Center for Nonviolence Education, and Saybrook University are proud to present a free public forum featuring some of the leading voices in the global peace movement.  “Taking stock of peace:  Inspiration from Peace Movements World Wide” launches the recent publication of Peace Movements Worldwide, a three volume anthology of the global peace… Read more »

Saybrook Dean bringing support to children suffering from PTSD in Gaza

James Gordon, M.D., Dean of Saybrook University’s College of Mind-Body Medicine, has announced that he will launch a training effort for over 300 health and mental health professionals, community leaders, and educators in Gaza City.  This training in Mind-Body Medicine techniques is designed to help address the overwhelming mental health needs of children in the… Read more »

The horrors of the past are very much a part of the present. Why are we ignoring them?

Most people think the Holocaust was a one-time, unthinkably tragic sequence of events that we would never let happen again. Most people think that slavery ended decades ago – and was a horrendously barbaric practice that has no place in the modern world. Most people are mistaken. Our world continues to condone slavery and genocide. … Read more »

Eugene Taylor to be given 2011 Abraham Maslow award

Eugene Taylor, PhD, Historian and Philosopher of Psychology, Saybrook Faculty Member, and Director of the Concentration in Humanisic and Transpersonal Psychology, has been honored by the Society for Humanisic Psychology (Division 32) within the American Psychological Association with the Abraham Maslow Award for 2011, given to an individual for an outstanding and lasting contribution to the exploration… Read more »

Mind-Body Medicine dean James Gordon leads mental health delegation to Haiti

In the last decade James Gordon, MD, has helped train thousands of healthcare providers from around the world to tend to the psychological damage of war and conflict.  He’s trained healthcare practiciones in Kosovo, Israel, and Palestine.  In December Gordon, who directs The Center for Mind-Body Medicine and serves as Dean of Saybrook’s Graduate College of… Read more »