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Saybrook announces the Jim and Elizabeth Bugental scholarship fund

Admirers, alumni, and friends of Saybrook have established a scholarship fund in the memory of Saybrook founder James F.T. Bugental, PhD, and Elizabeth Keber Bugental, PhD.  The scholarship will support Saybrook students interested in studying the tradition of existential and experiential psychotherapy developed in the teaching and writing of Jim and Elizabeth.  “Many in the… Read more »

Survey says email is good, collaboration is better

A recent survey conducted on Saybrook’s technology tools shows that most Saybrook classes are barely scratching the potential of communications technology. According to the online survey, developed by Saybrook’s Dean of Instruction Eric Fox, the vast majority of students (73%) usually keep in touch with faculty via email, and almost never with text messaging or… Read more »

Saybrook save the dates

Saybrook has some great community programs coming up in the months ahead.   Thursday, April 2 The Saybrook Dialogues kick off 2009 with “Leadership, Wisdom, and Making a Difference.” Organizer Marc Lesser, the founder and president of coaching and facilitation company ZBA Associates and the former director of Tassajara Zen Mountain Center, will focus the… Read more »

Be a librarian: See the world

For Annemarie Welteke, the only problem with her job as a librarian is the marketing:  she thinks the Navy stole her slogan. “You know how they used to say ‘see the world, join the Navy?’” Saybrook’s librarian asks.  “I always think of it as:  see the world, become a librarian.  I know it’s not so… Read more »

Meet our new students

Saybrook held its spring Residential Orientation for new students last week, and forty two new students enrolled at Saybrook for the Spring Semester, coming from California, Canada, Switzerland, Alaska, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Colorado, New York, Michigan, Maine, New Jersey, and other points across the globe.  They come to Saybrook with experience at a variety of… Read more »

Mi casa su casa: Visit Saybrook’s open house this week

Saybrook will be holding a spring open house for prospective students in its San Francisco offices on Thursday, March 12, from 5:30 – 8 p.m. Accessible in person, by webcast and teleconference, the open house will feature presentations on:  Saybrook. LIOS, and the new University structure; Academics at Saybrook, including our humanistic tradition and our… Read more »

Alumni Support Saybrook’s Golden Heritage

by George Aiken For the Saybrook Alumni Association, supporting Saybrook’s long standing tradition of humanistic thought and education is of primary importance. We believe that our humanistic roots are critical to Saybrook’s role as a viable, important, and necessary educational institution in the world today. Over the past year, we have worked to create new… Read more »

Saybrook announces agreement with TRANSCEND Peace University

Saybrook students now have the opportunity to learn with some of the world’s leading scholar-practitioners in peace and development.  In an agreement signed February 3, Saybrook will incorporate into its Social Transformation Concentration curriculum two online courses developed for TRANSCEND Peace University (TPU). Based in Austria, TPU  draws faculty from among the leading peace scholars… Read more »