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Chip Conley, who introduced a new generation to Maslow, to receive an honorary Saybrook degree

Saybrook President Lorne Buchman is pleased to announce that Chip Conley, a humanistic and socially conscious entrepreneur, will be the Honorary Degree recipient at the June, 2009 graduation. He has also graciously agreed to be graduation speaker. The Honorary Doctorate Committee, composed of students, faculty, administrative staff and board carefully considered the outstanding candidates who… Read more »

Tell your Saybrook story – on video

Saybrook invites all interested students to take 3 minutes at the June RC and tell the world something about themselves Almost every Saybrook student has a story to tell – and one way Saybrook stands out from other institutions is the quality of its students.  Saybrook students are often already professionally successful and personally accomplished: … Read more »

Nationally renowned health care leaders to discuss new trends in medicine

What do health care providers need to know to stay current? The field of healthcare is changing dramatically.  Hospitals, clinics, and patients have new needs and expectations.  Do you know what you’ll need to know? Learn more about trends in medicine and the new skills that will be essential to 21st health-care practitioners at a… Read more »

Saybrook to co-sponsor Existential Humanistic Institute’s annual conference

Saybrook is proud to announce that it is co-sponsoring the annual conference of the Existential Humanistic Institute, which will be held November 19-21st, at First Universalist Unitarian Church and Center in San Francisco. The topic of the conference will be “From Crisis to Creativity: Necessary Losses, Unexpected Gains.” “The theme of our conference reflects the… Read more »

Center for Mind-Body Medicine to offer spring programs in cancer treatment and food for health

James S. Gordon, the Dean of Saybrook’s Mind-Body Medicine Program, and the Center for Mind-Body Medicine, now affiliated with Saybrook, are pleased to offer two training programs this summer. “CancerGuides II,” and “Food as Medicine. CancerGuides II, which grew out of a conference that the New Yorker called “the most important alternative medicine meeting in… Read more »

Explore ‘Creativity, Leadership, and Wisdom’ with the Saybrook dialogues

The Saybrook Dialogues, a new series of conversations for networking, exploration, learning and making meaning of our personal and professional lives during uncertain and challenging times, presents its next program in early June. “Creativity, Leadership and Wisdom” will explore the ways we can allow the creative process to inform our leadership, our work, and our… Read more »

Former Board member Mike Cairns named Saybrook’s interim Chief Financial Officer

Saybrook President Lorne Buchman announced last week that Mike Cairns, a former Saybrook trustee, has been appointed interim Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer of Saybrook. Cairns, who served as chair of the finance committee of Saybrook’s Board of Trustees, has over 25 years of financial experience, including tenure with such companies as Transamerica… Read more »

James S. Gordon, M.D. appointed as Dean of Saybrook’s future College of Mind-Body Medicine

Saybrook students will now have the opportunity to work with one of the leading practitioners and scholars of integrative medicine, as Saybrook and The Center for Mind-Body Medicine affiliate to develop a ground-breaking graduate education program in healthcare.   Dr. Lorne M. Buchman,  President of Saybrook Graduate School and Dr. James S. Gordon, Founder and… Read more »

Saybrook faculty Amedeo Giorgi, Eric Willmarth, win major awards

Two Saybrook faculty have recently received major awards recognizing their global influence in their fields.  On February 14, Saybrook psychology faculty member Amedeo Giorgi received an Honorary Doctorate from the College of Medicine of the University of Orebro, Orebro, Sweden. This was awarded because of his development of the descriptive phenomenological research method, based upon… Read more »