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The New Jung Scholarship: Shot in the Dark? Or a Genuine Renaissance?


Photos of Jung’s Red Book courtesy of the New York Times One doubts that the Collected Works of Carl Jung have ever been on display at a book exhibit during the annual meetings of the American Psychological Association, while Freud’s books have always and still continue to appear all over the place in that venue…. Read more »

What to disclose to clients, and when, is a perilous question


Recently, Dr. Marsha Linehan stepped forward publically as being a survivor of terrible schizophrenic episodes. The story of her decent into the lived experience of psychological, physical and spiritual pain, and her her life saving rise out of the darkness was featured in the June 23rd issue of the New York Times. Why did she… Read more »

Psychology isn’t engineering – and is better for it


In 2010, The American Psychological Association’s 2009 Presidential Task Force on the Future of Psychology published a report arguing that that psychology needs to be recognized alongside other STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) disciplines. After all, doesn’t psychology occur in a laboratory? Doesn’t it use math, and statistics, and instruments?   Nonsense, says New Existentialist… Read more »

The right therapist is important, but the right therapy is crucial


NPR recently aired a story on choosing the right therapist, or as they titled the piece “Shop For A Psychotherapist To Avoid the Lemons.”    Unlike prescription treatments, therapy is an intimate experience. You’ll be asked to open yourself up to someone else seeing, hearing and hopefully empathizing with your personal pain and struggles. Doing… Read more »

Neuroscience is starting to sound suspiciously like the 21st century’s version of phrenology


You know a scientific field has turned into a scientific fad when it says it’s changed EVERYTHING.  Real scientific breakthroughs of that scope don’t have to announce themselves.  Fake ones do, because evolutionary psychology never produced a lightbulb and “artificial intelligence” never built a car.  They certainly made advances, they contributed, but the wild claims… Read more »

It matters what the voices in your head are saying


FMRI images of the human brain Have you ever been known or been with someone who was diagnosed as schizophrenic? Have they ever shared their experiences with you? Have you ever wondered what that’s like? Hearing voices or “auditory hallucinations” is the one aspect that most people associate with schizophrenia – and indeed the minds… Read more »