Tag: Systems Theory

The Missing Dimensions and Context of “Org Charts”

Have you ever wondered how organizations evolve their structure? When is the optimal time to change the structure of an organization? What should the structure be and why? How should this structure be represented? Organizational structures are typically represented as inverted trees with the root of the organization at the top and its adjacent branches… Read more »

“Bioneering” the New World

Imagine a different world. Imagine a world where we can solve all the problems that plague humanity. Imagine a world where we learn how to live within the limits of our planet and co-exist in harmony with all living creatures. Imagine a world with new organizations and new cultures that honor our individual gifts and… Read more »

Women and Systems

I attended the International Society for the Systems Sciences (or ISSS) conference this summer in San Jose, California, and I was fortunate to share the experience with a dear group of students and collaborators. I have been part of ISSS since 1999 and this scholarly community has been part of my “intellectual family.” Each year,… Read more »

Systems Thinking: An Essential Skill for Living in the 21st Century

I am attending the annual conference of the International Society of Systems Sciences (or ISSS) along with a number of Saybrook faculty members, students, alumni, and colleagues from around the world. What each person here has in common is an understanding of the complexity that makes up the world we live in today and the… Read more »

Design Thinking and Conscious Evolution

Systems thinking is a holistic form of understanding, analysis, and problem solving. It’s also a way to bring balanced, more impactful solutions to our businesses and social challenges. But what about design thinking? Design thinking involves using design methodologies to address all of our important inquiries. There is an emerging notion of human-centered design brought… Read more »

The Forces that Make and Break Success

There’s a cold, hard fact that a majority of us MBAs don’t learn in business school and it’s the reality that companies falter and fail quite badly, quite often. Theoretically, a company’s competitive advantage should strengthen its positioning and it’s ability to succeed among competitors. This, we MBAs are told, is done by using Michael… Read more »

I’m Shocked… Shocked to Find Out That Football Players are Rewarded for Injuring One Another

I’m about as shocked by the recent National Football League bounty scandal as Captain Louis Renault was in the movie Casablanca when he closed down Rick’s Café Américain for gambling. In case you missed it, the New Orleans Saints’ defensive players had been pooling money to provide a bounty for any teammate who injured an… Read more »

Theorizing on the Role of the Individual within an Organization

Individuals create social societies wherever they go, according to several organizational theorists of the late 19th and early 20th century. Douglas McGregor, for instance, created his ABC theory regarding attitude, behavior, and consequences to illustrate the importance of the individual within working groups and the effect upon successful output. Abraham Maslow reminded us that motivation… Read more »