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Creating Space: A Critical Aspect of Sustainability

I was recently asked what I was currently working on to support sustainable life on the planet. Over the years, I have been doing my part by recycling, reducing my consumption, reducing carbon usage, and bringing sustainability conversations into my university and other groups in which I participate; however, when I reflected on this question,… Read more »

Collaborating for a Sustainable Future

On May 11th, I attended the Sustainable Enterprise Conference in Rohnert Park, California. This conference has become a vibrant event in Sonoma County that fosters innovation and cultural change toward sustainability. Businesses, government and nonprofits are represented in this conference which presents both the best practices as well as the challenges ahead to create a… Read more »


Spring is turning to summer here in the high desert and the restless energies of the changing seasons are moving through me. I’ve been cleaning out my office little-by-little lately, going through old mail and the like. The idea of shredding documents impacted me surprisingly deeply this time. When I’ve worked as an internal consultant,… Read more »

Living Organizations: Designing Cultures that Foster Diversity and Evolution

We have come to appreciate diversity as an asset in organizations. Diversity of gender, age, ethnicity, or any other manifestation of the ways we, as human beings, express our uniqueness. But beyond affirmative action, which creates a legal platform for equal employment opportunity, why should we care about organizational cultures that foster diversity? And how… Read more »

Co-creating New Organizational Cultures

It is inspiring to see more and more social enterprises been created. Social entrepreneurs are innovating new structures to integrate business knowledge with a socio-ecological purpose, expanding what traditionally has been considered profit. At the same time, the experimentation with new structures and processes also means that social entrepreneurs have to walk a tight rope… Read more »

More About Corporations as Engaged Citizens: A Reflection from Italy

I write this entry while living and working from Cefalù, Sicily, a town not only steeped in centuries-old tradition, but part of one of the countries currently struggling to survive as a member of the European Union. Evidenced by the hand waves and chatter in the streets, people in Cefalù know each other and have… Read more »

Corporations as Community Members

Corporations—or business organizations—are being (re)defined at this very moment. Presently, there’s a case before the U.S. Supreme Court that involves human rights violations committed by a corporation in a foreign country. Proponents of human rights are concerned that the Supreme Court’s decision will indicate that corporations have many rights but limited legal responsibilities. During this… Read more »