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Political Leadership, Human Rights, and Activism: What Is the Connection?

Today the world celebrates the International Day of Human Rights, and lately I have been reflecting on conversations that I have been engaged in where the topics of leadership, human rights, and activism become points of curiosity for me. In late November, I attended the fourth annual African Women and Political Leadership conference in Lilongwe,… Read more »

A Painful Goodbye: End-of-Life Care in the U.S. Healthcare System

The difficulties around healthcare in the U.S. remain as complex as ever. I have spent the last two months experiencing those in a very personal way. Twenty-two years ago, a close family member—let’s call her Millie—was diagnosed with cancer and given a poor prognosis.  She beat the odds and survived. This summer, she was again… Read more »

“Bioneering” the New World

Imagine a different world. Imagine a world where we can solve all the problems that plague humanity. Imagine a world where we learn how to live within the limits of our planet and co-exist in harmony with all living creatures. Imagine a world with new organizations and new cultures that honor our individual gifts and… Read more »

Living Systems, Feeling Systems

My work has been grounded in systems thinking. That has been the intellectual field that has informed my inquiry and has justified my natural tendency for connecting seemingly unrelated things and expanded boundaries. The field that has supported my personal quest for greater integration and inclusivity. However, although I continue to do much of my… Read more »

Personal Choices in Support of Sustainability

Since I became involved in sustainability work six years ago, my life path has changed quite dramatically. I have moved to another state where I could live for less in a natural environment that reminds me daily of the life we need to protect. I have changed my patterns of consumption and waste, and make… Read more »

How Can We Identify, Develop and Connect Community Leaders Interested in Generating a Sustainable Future?

Not too long ago, I sat with a small group of sustainability science “backcasters” at an international sustainability conference at the University of Utrecht in Holland. Forecasters look at trends related to sustainability to predict the future. Backcasters envision the idealized sustainable global future and research ways to get us there. Seeming to think out… Read more »

The Olympics, Its Organization, and the Cybernetics Lens

Every two years, we are fascinated by the athleticism, level of competition, and the human stories in the Olympics. The latest installment of the games did not disappoint. The opening ceremony in London was spectacular and, during the last two weeks, we witnessed and celebrated the accomplishments of so many athletes. If you have been… Read more »

The Third Industrial Revolution

The notion of the third industrial revolution originated with Jeremy Rifkin, the economist and prolific author of more than 20 books, including his latest The Third Industrial Revolution: How Lateral Power Is Transforming Energy, the Economy, and the World. Rifkin posits that our greatest economic developments arrive when a new form of energy converges with… Read more »

Healing Places: Learning and Leading for the Re-enchantment of our World

There are events in your life that mark you—moments when you realize that you have learned a lesson and are ready for a new challenge. I have been working as change agent linking education, business, and sustainability together for the last 15 years. I have dedicated much of my work to creating learning communities, facilitating… Read more »