Tag: Self and the Other

Smacked in the Face by Darkness

I live a peaceful life running a small business from my home in Reno, Nevada. My work requires travel and offers me the good fortune of working with international leaders to help them improve their collaboration and communication. Life’s pretty good and the organizational world that I am immersed in has challenges of growth, revenue… Read more »

Making Time for Dialogue

I am teaching a course on generative and strategic dialogue this term and, through the amazing dialogue with my students, I am reminded of the importance and challenge of this communicative practice. Dialogue asks us to become more aware and intentional about how we listen, think, and speak. In his 1999 book, Dialogue and the… Read more »

Calling New Delhi: Customer Service Reps and the Corporate Benefits of Cultural Complexity

Most people know that a majority of corporations outsource their call centers to India. They don’t necessarily learn this fact in business school. They learn it by simply dialing the customer service line and hearing a voice on the other end speak with an accent that hails from the outskirts of New Delhi. What most… Read more »