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Framing the Conversation: The Power of Initiative

Who among us is not experiencing frustration with the nature of the debate about the future of our government tax system? Our tax, pensions, as well as the health of our whole economy hang in the balance, and we see a duel of extreme and simplistic statements about “job creators,” “becoming another Greece (or Europe),”… Read more »

A Journey into the “It” World

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a Zen-seeker. I enjoy temporarily turning off the rigid, left-brain linearities of my MBA, academia, and journalistic writings for the sake of finding inner harmony and balance through meditative practice. For me, this practice is as simple as sitting quietly for five minutes without engaging any lingering thoughts… Read more »

What Struck You?

This year’s Systems Thinking in Action conference hosted by Pegasus Communications in Indianapolis, Indiana, brought a question into focus: What struck you? In his keynote address, Peter Block emphasized the importance of questions, such as this. His message: Questions are the point; questions bring us together; and answers keep us apart. We must ask great… Read more »

Embracing Hope in Uncertain Times

There is a saying, “Everything will be all right in the end. So if it is not all right now, then it is not yet the end.” This mantra is proclaimed throughout the movie, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, as six British retirees grapple with getting older and lives that did not turn out as… Read more »

“I’m Spiritual, But Not Religious”

I’m spiritual, but not religious. I say that quite often and it’s also something I hear quite often, typically when I’m getting to know a new friend or an acquaintance and the topic turns to spirituality, meaning-making, defining a sense of purpose, or just pondering the mysteries of a vast and mysterious universe. Whether it’s… Read more »

Living Systems, Feeling Systems

My work has been grounded in systems thinking. That has been the intellectual field that has informed my inquiry and has justified my natural tendency for connecting seemingly unrelated things and expanded boundaries. The field that has supported my personal quest for greater integration and inclusivity. However, although I continue to do much of my… Read more »

Personal Choices in Support of Sustainability

Since I became involved in sustainability work six years ago, my life path has changed quite dramatically. I have moved to another state where I could live for less in a natural environment that reminds me daily of the life we need to protect. I have changed my patterns of consumption and waste, and make… Read more »

How Interaction Shapes Our Worldviews and Political Affiliations

It’s so easy to become frustrated, disillusioned, and even apathetic to our current state of affairs in our political process. It appears that no one is happy—republican, democrat, or independent. I submit that in shedding our political affiliations, we are individualistic, conservative, modernistic, post-modernistic, and integrative. These are all classifications of mindsets, values and beliefs—our… Read more »

11 Weeks as an Action Researcher

We had been following the blue Mercedes for almost 10 minutes up and down the streets of an upscale Miami neighborhood on that hot July morning before its driver, a middle-aged man accused of swindling private investors out of hundreds of thousands of dollars, slammed on the brakes bringing his car to a screeching halt…. Read more »