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Why is the NFL better at compromising than congress?


This week the NFL announced it had reached an agreement with its players.  Republicans and Democrats?  Not so much.  In his recent book, On Compromise and Rotten Compromises, Avishai Margolit, professor emeritus of philosophy at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, refers to compromise as “an ambivalent concept.” On the one hand, we laud those who can… Read more »

Why are we all less happy?

In 2009 a major study showed that women were increasingly unhappy in the modern world – and a host of pundits, psychologists, and sociologists asked “What’s happened to the fairer sex?”  Was it feminism that was making women less happy?  Economic inequality?  Higher expectations?  Loneliness?  Feminism?  (That one came up a lot.  Apparently people like… Read more »

Are poets crazy?


A lot of people seem to think so:  the link between “genius” and “madness” is a well established cultural cliche. But over at the website “Rethinking Complexity,” psychologists like Tom Greening and Candice Hershman think differently.  In fact, they suggest that the capacity to engage in poetic insights … perhaps the most profound way of… Read more »

Does environmentalism = social justice?


On the Rethinking Complexity blog, Saybrook Organizational Systems faculty member Kathia Laszlo makes a fascinating point:  “There is no environmental sustainability without social sustainability.” Is this true?  Does solving our planet’s environmental crisis mean also addressing the social needs of its citizens?  I think she makes a compelling case.  Let us know what you think… Read more »

The power of place — in Cuba


Saybrook OS PhD student Aimee Juarez recently returned from a trip to Cuba — and has thoughts about how “place” impacts “consciousness.” Read Part 1 Read part 2   How have specific places affected you?  Do you think differently in certain spots?  Tell us about it in the comments section below. 

Reports from the UN Commission on the Status of Women


What do the uprisings in the Middle East mean for the women who live there?  Do women have equal access to social networking technology?  Is meaningful progress being made on women’s issues globally?  Saybrook Human Science PhD student Rebecca Norlander has been appointed a temporary delegate to the U.N. Commission on the Status of Women,… Read more »

Saybrook President Mark Schulamn interview with Natural Medicine

Saybrook President Mark Schulman spoke this month with the journal National Medicine, recording an interview that covers everything from Saybrook’s history to how mind-body medicine is changing the medical paradigm. If you’ve ever wondered about the connection between humanistic psychology and mind-body medicine, or wondered about how to tell the legitimate science of integrative health… Read more »