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Can We Doubt It? Yes, We Should!: The lesson of Bob the Builder and F. Scott Fitzgerald


An existentialist with a hard hat  I never thought I would hear myself say this, but I am now totally grateful for all the hours I have spent watching episodes of “Bob the Builder” on television and DVD with my nephews when they were little. Who is “Bob the Builder,” you ask? Well, you can… Read more »

Seeing Life Upside Down


See life from a different perspective Of all the special effects in the history of movies, from Georges Meliés’ rocketship to the moon to Avatar, the one that always gets me most is Fred Astaire dancing on the ceiling to “You’re All the World to Me” in the 1951 film “Royal Wedding.” It is not… Read more »

Time … marches on


Photo courtesy of the Ghearing family (Creative Commons License) I turned a year older this month. And as a good existentialist, naturally thoughts of my birth lead inexorably to thoughts of my life and my death. What does it mean now to have a birthday? A few years back, instead of wishing a dear friend… Read more »

Watching Occupy Wall Street put existential principles into action


Photo by David Shankbone (Creative Commons License) I have just met Dasein. No, not just the ordinary run-of-the-mill average Being-in-the-World Dasein we’ve come to know and hyphenate simply because we are beings who necessarily must relate to our World. No, this is real, honest-to-whatever-higher-power-you-may-or-may-not-believe-in Dasein. The kind of Dasein for whom its Being would be… Read more »

Finding Our Common Humanity in Political Dialogue


At some point, an inability to work together is a psychological problem Partisan politics reached a new low in the summer of 2011, most notably with the horrendous goings-on surrounding the debt-ceiling crisis. And afterwards, most of pundits seemed to believe that no one really won, although John Boehner, the House Speaker, claimed he got… Read more »

Baseball and Existential Anxiety, or Why I Am a Mets Fan in Spite of All Reason


Existentially, what’s happening here? (Photo by Lomn) Baseball is arguably the ultimate existential sport – and I have been a Mets fan from birth.  I would like to say that for me, being a Mets fan has been genetically encoded—an existential given—even though I know it is impossible having been born to a Yankees fan… Read more »