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Would the True Existential Therapy Please Stand Up? Eclectic, Antagonistic, or Integrative?


One of the interesting aspects of being an existential therapist is learning the perceptions that others have about what it means to be existential. After having taught about existential psychology at seven universities, I have heard quite a few different perspectives. However, the diversity within existential psychology is maybe as diverse as the perceptions from… Read more »

Americaês Got Ä Therapy?


Photo by NBC. I never thought it would happen to me. I’ve spent a good portion of my life railing against this kind of activity—coming up with all the reasons—the aesthetic as well as the elitist—for why I should not participate. But now, it’s happened, thanks to an innocent request from my 10-year-old nephew, Judah,… Read more »

Phenomenology in Clinical Practice


Yannis Toussulis I conducted this interview with Yannis Toussulis about the role that phenomenology, both descriptive and hermeneutic, plays in clinical practice. It is the first in a series of conversations sponsored by PhenomenologyBlog. Yannis Toussulis received his PhD in Psychology from Saybrook Graduate School in 1995. His dissertation, supervised by Amedeo Giorgi, was entitled… Read more »

Working With Ananke: Epictetian Lessons From Community Mental Health


Eight years ago, I made the fateful leap from doctoral training into community mental health, jumping headfirst into a clinical internship at a hospital in one of Brooklyn’s most impoverished inner city neighborhoods. I didn’t know exactly what I was getting into at first, although I knew it would be tough, and I knew it… Read more »

Simple Translation


Wisdom comes from the mouth of babes. It’s so true? There are few who do not love a children’s story. Why is it so? The older we get, the more opportunity we have to accumulate knowledge. Yet, wisdom points us back full circle to our young innocent selves. Ah, perhaps too much analysis will lead… Read more »

The Welts


Rollo May, in explicating the old-world existentialists that inspired him, wrote about the three worlds in which we find ourselves. When we encounter clients in therapy, we can encounter them in any of these three worlds. The first is the Umwelt. This is the world of objects, the physical space full of labels and concrete…. Read more »

Milestone Special Section in the APA Journal “Psychotherapy” on “The Renewal of Humanism in Psychotherapy”


I’m delighted to announce that a long-awaited special section on “The Renewal of Humanism in Psychotherapy:  A Roundtable Discussion” is now available both online and in hardcopy in the APA journal Psychotherapy. More info on it can be obtained at the Division 29 Psychotherapy website. This section is highlighted by the contributions of leading theorists… Read more »

What Is Love?


Don’t try too hard to figure out what it is; you have to experience it. I tend to get this advice when I ask the question, that and diversions from requests to embody the feeling, to tell me about the experience of it. Say “poetry,” and people will start talking about souls and angels and… Read more »