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One nation, under Adderall


Can we sit still long enough to read this caption? Americans might not be able to sit still long enough to learn that they were given 51.5 million prescriptions for Addention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in 2010. That’s about one prescription for every six Americans — so many that pharmaceutical companies are now experiencing… Read more »

Why we relapse back into depression


Photo by JaneArt Are anti-depressants putting people more at risk for a relapse? Possibly. In his latest piece to be published in the journal of Frontiers of Science, evolutionary psychologist Paul Andrews’ meta-analysis suggests that patients who use anti-depressants are more susceptible to a relapse than those who do not use them. They analyzed research… Read more »

Neuroscience is starting to sound suspiciously like the 21st century’s version of phrenology


You know a scientific field has turned into a scientific fad when it says it’s changed EVERYTHING.  Real scientific breakthroughs of that scope don’t have to announce themselves.  Fake ones do, because evolutionary psychology never produced a lightbulb and “artificial intelligence” never built a car.  They certainly made advances, they contributed, but the wild claims… Read more »

The treatments for anxiety can be much, much, worse than the “disease”


Epidemiologists suggest that some eighteen percent of the American population struggles with anxiety each year. Does that make you nervous?  What makes me nervous is that that BigPharma is handing out little white pills to deal with this problem … and instead of helping anxiety, these pills are funding the vacation homes of corporate executives…. Read more »

Are antidepressants accomplices to school shootings?


Do you know that the perpetrators of some of the most notorious school shootings in the world were on antidepressants? No?  I din’t think so.  Most people don’t.  It doesn’t get talked about very often.  But in fact Cho Seung Hui, the shooter in the Virginia Tech massacre in Blacksburg, Virginia was on antidepressant medications…. Read more »

Love is a many splendored … chemical?


Of all the emotions, love is surely the most talked about – and the hardest to explain.  Unless you’re a neurologist, that is:  January saw several publications claiming that love was entirely explainable by neurochemical reactions.  “Love:  Neuroscience reveals all,” reads a headline in the journal Nature’s Jan. 8 issue.  You don’t need flowers:  the… Read more »

Prescription drug abuse is on the rise among teens. Why? Because they’re prescribed so much more.


A legal high – there is a way to get one and most likely the teen in your life knows exactly how to do it and where to get their supply. Their doctor.  A recent study states that the supply is increasing. Young adults and adolescents are being prescribed more medications to deal with “ailments”… Read more »

This is what happens when psychology surrenders to medication


A chilling article by Salon and AlterNet exposes the devastation that prescription drug abuse is causing much of America. For large swaths of the country, “Pill Mills” that provide mood altering drugs for the slightest excuse, are a fact of life. “Pilling” – trading drugs with family, friends and strangers for a mix-and-match high –… Read more »