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Politics and Existentialism: Authoritarian Politics


Christy’s 1940 painting, Signing of the Constitution. The United States, using models from both England and France, invented modern politics. The American Revolution was fought, at least in part, over liberty, both political and economic (Breen, 2004; Middlecauff, 1982). The economic part of this equation was relatively simple as the new science of economics was… Read more »

Politics and Existentialism: Quick Fix Politics and an Awe-Based Democracy


The U.S. is in the midst of the Presidential election, which means that we have been subject to increasing levels of vitriolic communication as the political battle lines have been drawn. It’s republicans versus democrats, rich versus poor, and at the core, it is largely about us versus them. The political poles in the U.S…. Read more »

Politics and Existentialism: Zhi Mian and United States PoliticsãPart 2: Empathy & Collective Responsibility


President Obama campaigning in New Mexico. It is easy to become disgusted with politics in the United States today. Corruption seems to be the norm, and there does not appear to be any genuine hope for change. We blame the politicians, the politician system, the parties, and the media, but rarely do we consider our… Read more »

Politics and Existentialism: Zhi Mian and United States PoliticsãPart 1: Facing Conflict and Disagreement Directly


United States politics is fraught with conflict and disagreement as is evident even to the casual observer. These are natural occurrences in all organizations and political systems. They can be used poorly or for gain. Often, disagreement and conflict, when handled properly, can encourage creativity and development. When handled poorly, they can stifle any growth… Read more »