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Organizational Culture and Its Effects on Creativity

Culture links people together. It does so, according to organizational theorist Edgar H. Schein, by allowing people to band together as a group and develop a unique set of beliefs and practices that are absorbed and accepted by all of its members. In time, the group’s beliefs and practices, which consist of shared assumptions, perceptions,… Read more »

From Disaster to a Bright Future: A Story of Complexity

At 5:41 p.m. on May 22nd, 2011, a powerful tornado hit Joplin, Missouri. Its 200-mph winds carved a path of destruction as it barrelled through the town in 45 seconds. That same, horrific day led to the beginning of an incredible story of compassion at Joplin’s St. John’s Regional Medical Center—now called Mercy Hospital Joplin—and… Read more »

The Challenges of a Budding Organizational Consultant

As a newcomer in the field of organizational consulting, I have the advantage of being either the naively arrogant child who declares the emperor has no clothes! or the person who comes from a foreign land and is forced to quickly confront the differences in the visible and communicated culture. When I decided to change… Read more »

Penske: Changing the System Dynamics of Auto Retailing

Roger Penske may have been the communitarian entrepreneur who spearheaded the transformation of Detroit for the last Super Bowl seen played on Michigan soil, but his real credit ought to be given to him for assisting a “shift” in the auto retailing world. You see, Penske has applied a systems lens to the interconnectivity of… Read more »

Good Enough: Progress Not Perfection in Our Organizations

The notion of perfection has been on my mind a lot lately. While working with a group that is feeling the pressure and uncertainty of the challenges it is confronting, I notice the discussions seem to swirl around a notion, unspoken but heard by all: “Whatever we do, it better be the right answer—we can’t… Read more »

Performance Evaluations That Can’t Deal with Ambiguity, Can’t Deal with Reality

Don’t think you can’t be fired for doing the right thing.  This week, San Francisco Weekly reported on the case of Frank Lee, a San Francisco cop who may lose his job because he didn’t execute a search warrant fast enough.  The catch?  The search warrant turned out to be illegal and Lee, a homicide… Read more »