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Simple Translation


Wisdom comes from the mouth of babes. It’s so true? There are few who do not love a children’s story. Why is it so? The older we get, the more opportunity we have to accumulate knowledge. Yet, wisdom points us back full circle to our young innocent selves. Ah, perhaps too much analysis will lead… Read more »

Poetic Reflection


Existential psychology embraces creativity and the arts, especially as a counterbalance against the field’s current emphasis upon empiricism and science. Indeed “we express our being by creating. Creativity is a necessary sequel to being” (May, 1975, p. 8). W. H. Auden once remarked to Rollo May (1975) in private conversation: “The Poet marries the language,… Read more »

Lunar New Year Traditions


2013 Lunar New Year celebrations in Hong Kong. It is the Lunar New Year Holidays here and as with many holiday celebrations, alcohol plays a prominent role in its celebration. I’ve observed several families saving their best hard liquor, packaged in beautiful bottles, for this special occasion. This gave rise to numerous reflections and memories… Read more »