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Rethinking Change: Why change is simpler than you think… or is it?

I smiled with delight after having welcomed five new teaching staffers to our University Professional Development Center community. At the same time, I could not help reflecting on the courage required to begin the process of adding these five new people. Was it really that difficult to expand our class offerings? Was it that surprising… Read more »

A Leadership Challenge, Part 1: Unveiling the Illusions of the True Professional

Writer Margaret Wheatley’s poem, “The True Professional,” isn’t entirely original and she lets everyone know this. It’s a “found poem,” Wheatley explained on her website. All of the lines of “The True Professional” are phrases “found” in Parker J. Palmer’s book The Active Life. After taking these lines, Wheatley “played with them and extended them… Read more »

Why Can’t People on the Front Lines Talk to Each Other?

Recently as I was listening to a critique of the work done in response to the latest natural disaster when the following comment was made: “We need to get the first responders to talk to each other.” On the surface, this may sound like a reasonable request and something that we should expect from a… Read more »

The Decider: Exploring Effective Group Action

Looking at the gridlock in Congress and the failing leadership of our president, I have been reflecting on the relationship between decisions and results. It’s hard to think about the wisdom of the hive when we see Congress’ ineffectiveness. Their group process also has aspects of dysfunctional groupthink, indiscriminate blaming, and the avoidance of responsibility. … Read more »

Will the real systemic leaders please stand up?

Last night on CNN, Republican Congressman Trey Gowdy of South Carolina used the “s” word to describe the kind of change he wants to see in Washington, D.C., to end the recurring debt-default issue once and for all. The “s” word he used was systemic. “Systemic change,” Mr. Gowdy said, is the change he’d like… Read more »

Renewing Our “Story” in the Workplace

A lot of people consider “storying” an inborn knack or talent. Some listen intently, while others envy the natural-born storytellers around them. Truth is, natural “storying” with strategic intent can be learned by anyone.  “Storying,” or storytelling, as a means of expressing personal identity has risen in popularity recently among career advisors and executive consultants…. Read more »

How Today’s CEO Manages Complexity

In 2010, IBM researchers conducted a study to figure what makes today’s CEO tick. The organization interviewed 1,500 CEOs worldwide to examine their priorities, uncover what sets the best organizations apart, and determine what’s on their minds. Researchers found evidence suggesting that managing complexity in today’s fastpace world involves: promoting and leading with greater creativity,… Read more »

Story “Pull”: Do You Have Any?

I had a speaking engagement on the West Coast last week. The topic was Threshold Story™—a method of storytelling used to engender trust and demonstrate value when a business service provider meets a new prospect, team member, or returning client.  The professionals attending my lecture were a bit guarded. They’d never met me before and… Read more »

The Art of Thinking Together

According to William Isaacs, professor, author and co-founder of the Center for Organizational Learning at MIT alongside Peter Senge, dialogue is a vehicle for creative problem identification and solving. However, it is different than what is normally conceived as problem solving. The usual modality to tackle problems is discussion. We are used to expose our… Read more »