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Reorientation Therapy has it all wrong: trading sexuality for spirituality diminishes both


Photo by Bepege  Even 35 years after the American Psychiatric Association declared that homosexuality was not a mental disorder it seems that there is still some idea that being attracted to the same sex is a sickness. Dr. Marcus Bachman, husband of Representative Michelle Bachman and president of Bachmann and Associations, a mental health clinic… Read more »

Amy Winehouse, Addiction, and the search for meaning in life


Photo courtesy of AmyWinehouse.com She had a brilliant, lovely and desperately sad life – but that could be said about so many others who don’t live the life of a star. There is really no real way of knowing what was going on in Amy Winehouse’s heart. There is no real way of knowing what… Read more »

Proposed disorder provles: “Diagnosing” kids a lot easier than understanding how to help them


By Stethoscopes (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (www.creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0) or GFDL (www.gnu.org/copyleft/fdl.html)], via Wikimedia Commons Being a parent is an incredible journey filled with joy, pain, confusion, hope, stress and just a flood of emotions that most new parents never imagined they would experience. There is nothing more frightening than to witness with grief and fear your child… Read more »

Empathy is going the way of the land-line: one more thing the young are giving up


Are college students today less likely to feel sympathy for people less fortunate than them than college students were 30 years ago?  We’d better have a talk about empathy, before it’s too late.  A meta-analyses study published in the August 2010 issue of Personality and Social Psychology Review looked at research empathy dating from 1979-2009,… Read more »

The stigma attached to “mental illness” is unfair, unjust … and unchanged


Research has shown that there is little to no relationship between “mental illness” and violent behavior. But try telling the public that.  Stereotypes are powerful, and not only is this one a thousand of years old, but it’s reinforced every night on prime time when cop shows and procedural dramas portray schizophrenic or psychotic killers. … Read more »

How to drive innovation (and maybe reduce ADHD): eliminate standardized tests


There are record numbers of unemployed, a shrinking pool of jobs, and an increase in school failure rates. Is now really the time to shift our education system to a nurturing system that focuses on growth? Absolutely. This economic collapse presents an opportunity to transform not only our economy but how we live within it…. Read more »