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Leaders as Multidimensional Thinkers

It is common knowledge that today’s business, nonprofit, and government professionals need to be situational leaders; that is, possess a portfolio of leadership styles and have the ability to manage situations with the appropriate method. One approach no longer works, if it ever did, for all occasions. Nor is it breaking news that the world… Read more »

Leadership Lessons Learned from the Presidential Election

As I turned on the TV yesterday evening to watch the election results, I didn’t know what to expect. The polls were too close to give a confident advantage to either candidate and, given recent history, it was plausible that either candidate could have won. Reflecting on what emerged during the evening, I began thinking… Read more »

From Being Right to Doing the Right Thing: My First Lesson in Designing Organizations to Fulfill Our Intentions

In the presidential campaign, I have been struck by how much the dialogue is about what people are “for” and how little we talk about how to do what we want. As if being “for” the right things led to a clear path to success. Indeed, our president is faulted for proposing the right ideas… Read more »

“Bioneering” the New World

Imagine a different world. Imagine a world where we can solve all the problems that plague humanity. Imagine a world where we learn how to live within the limits of our planet and co-exist in harmony with all living creatures. Imagine a world with new organizations and new cultures that honor our individual gifts and… Read more »

The Leader Recipe

Susan Cain, perhaps ironically, has become the voice of introversion. She is the author of Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking. In January of this year, Cain wrote a provocative piece for the New York Times disparaging collaboration in our organizations as “the rise of the new groupthink.” She… Read more »

Mindfulness and The Bottom Line: Five Benefits of Mindful Leadership

Mindfulness has many benefits for brain functioning and better brain functioning equals better leadership. Here are five ways mindful leadership benefits organizational results. 1. Mindful leaders are less reactive. Being less reactive enables the frontal lobes to go into action, which equates to better analysis and better decisions. Better decisions drive better results in measures… Read more »

Leadership Development: What’s It Worth?

I’ll be travelling to Chicago next week to meet with a prospective insurance industry client. I’m joining Lisa, a sales director who has been talking with the potential client about our training programs and consulting services. The head of the company’s talent development function is interested in creating a centralized approach to leadership development that… Read more »