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Bold Leadership for Humanity in Practice: Embracing Gender Equality – Part 1

The month of April is a very important one for me and this year marks the 10th anniversary of my birthing. A very important, if not, perhaps my most important life moment that happened to take place on Earth Day. Upon deeper reflection on being bestowed with the gift of motherhood and my role as… Read more »

Acting Like Owners, Be Careful What You Wish For

Starting tomorrow, my colleague Ashley Welch and I will be in New Orleans for Entrepreneur Week. New Orleans Entrepreneur Week (NOEW) culminates a season of entrepreneurship sponsored by The Idea Village, a non-profit organization established in 2000 whose mission, according to their website, is to “identify, support and retain entrepreneurial talent in New Orleans.” Ashley… Read more »

Missing Women’s Voices in Leadership: Makes for a Flawed Democracy

In his March 11th 2013 article “Female candidates faced big obstacles in concluded polls” in the Standard Digital, Michael Wesonga asserted that “Kenyan women stand out as the greatest losers in the just concluded General Election after they failed to clinch top seats. No woman was elected as governor or to the Senate”. He further… Read more »

The Cashier and the Envelope: A Tale of Mindful Awareness

Once upon a time (this week on Wednesday to be exact), in a city among the hills (Atlanta), a part-time cashier spotted an envelope just off the curb of the park-and-ride deck at the international terminal of Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. Puzzled, the cashier picked up the envelope and found it stuffed with $7,000 in cold… Read more »

Leaders as Gatekeepers and Boundary Spanners

The nature of leadership competencies is evolving because the context and challenges facing leaders in organizations today are shifting, as are the demands and speed of necessary change. One quality that is emerging as essential is the need for leaders to be focused outward, reaching out and moving across many boundaries, spanning multiple constituencies of… Read more »

Abraham Lincoln’s Advice to Business Leaders

Running a small business is a challenging endeavor. You have to roll with everything that arises from the economy or your personal life, face every challenge, and keep going. Harvard Business School historian Nancy Koehn extrapolated Abraham Lincoln’s leadership and related it to running a business in the business section of this Sunday’s New York… Read more »

“Being in Care”: Obama’s Call for Transformative Change

Having the flu gave me the opportunity to watch U.S. President Barack Obama’s inaugural ceremonies on Monday. As I watched, I wondered if I was observing an event that will help foster a new United States of America—an America that is inclusive of all people and enriched by an empowered citizenry.  Obama’s speech was a… Read more »

Nested Social Change

A number of months ago, I posted something on what I called “The Dimensions of Social Space,” the gist of which was the proposal that we are called to tend to different dimensions of our social being in our change work—the autonomous/individual, the communal/collective, and the transcendant/”divine.”  When I wrote that post, I was thinking… Read more »

Mindsets, Roles, and Much, Much More

I have been engaged in a conversation on the Harvard Business Review website that was sparked by the question, “Interested in opinions—is a leader a role or a mindset?” The question was posed by Joan Kofodimos, a partner at Teleos Consulting in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina. I would suggest that posing an either/or question usually does… Read more »