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“Reopening Spaces” for African Women Cultural Leadership for Social Transformation – Part 1

Queens. Queen Mothers. Princesses. Chieftaincies. Women Cultural Leaders. Royalty. These are terms and concepts I have encountered in folklore, books, music, history lessons and most prominently in the media with the most visibility perhaps being placed on the British monarchy. As far as I know, my community of birth — Gusiiland, Kenya — did not… Read more »

Talkin’ Bout Our Generations

Every generation seems to believe they had it much harder than the one that follows them. The reality is that each generation has its own set of values and unique circumstances that make it not better or worse, but simply different from others. Understanding and accepting these differences as well as dealing with them effectively… Read more »

What happens when a family owns a large business over generations?

Why was the sale of the Washington Post such a media event when struggling businesses are sold every day? Attention was paid because of the special nature of the business—a corporation owned and controlled by a very public family who had put their stamp on it and upheld their values, over four generations. While the… Read more »

A Swirling Power Quadruple Interplay: Misogyny, Violence, Silence and Voice – Part III

Part II of this article concluded with an attempt to understand the seemingly institutionalized culture of silence that surrounds the social system of violence against women in Kenya. I am recognizant of the fact that women like men are participants and therefore contributors, beneficiaries and sufferers of the cultures that they are immersed in. I… Read more »

A Swirling Power Quadruple Interplay: Misogyny, Violence, Silence and Voice – Part II

Part I of this article provided some background and understanding of the prevalent culture of violence – especially sexual violence – against women in Kenya citing examples from Mwangi’s essay Silence is a Woman along with statistics from other sources. Her essay throbs with a seething theme of silence. My interest in the topic of… Read more »

A Swirling Power Quadruple Interplay: Misogyny, Violence, Silence and Voice – Part I

An essay, Silence is a Woman, by my friend Wambui Mwangi posted on “The New Inquiry” reports that, “On April 1, 2013, a woman passenger got off a matatu at the bus stop in Nyeri, a town in central Kenya, and was assaulted by men variously described as ‘a group,’ ‘a crowd,’ ‘a mob,’ or… Read more »

Strategy Favors the Prepared Organizational Mind

Traditionally, organizational strategy has been cast as equal parts analysis and prediction. A small group of elite organizational leaders apply a framework (e.g. Porter’s Five Forces), consider trends that might alter the status quo, and then produce a plan to guide decision making and resource allocation for the foreseeable future. It’s that “foreseeable future” thing… Read more »

Givers, Takers and Matchers, and Their Impact in Organizations

Bill Gates stated at the World Economic Forum in 2008 in Switzerland, “there are two great forces of human nature—self-interest and caring for others.” It is easy to understand the impact of giving and taking at a global scale. Our world leaders show us the results of both. Mother Teresa, Gandhi, and Martin Luther King… Read more »