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Existential Roundup


Illustration by Ivan Yakovlevich Bilibin. Welcome to the Existential Roundup, where we bring you links to some articles currently trending that may be of interest to those in the existential-humanistic psychology community. As we approach the summer solstice, we leave you with one more spring potpourri before the heat intensifies. A visit to a museum… Read more »

Seeking Alan Watts


Aboard the Vallejo. Photo by Rick Umbaugh. The following is a (true) tall tale for existential-humanistic researchers demonstrating that not all research has to be tedious. When I first enrolled in the Alan Watts course at Saybrook University, I wasn’t too impressed by Watts. I thought he was sort of a pompous Brit lording it… Read more »

Doors That Open on Beauty: Bodily Knowing and Existential Living


Photo by Lululemon Athletica. I have a quirky knack. For as long as I can remember, I have been able to pinpoint the exact center of a space or midpoint of a line. I can also space objects at equal distances from each other (when I care to do so) by simply “eyeballing” the entirety… Read more »

Existential Roundup


Photo by John Robert Charlton. Welcome to the Existential Roundup, where we bring you links to some articles currently trending that may be of interest to those in the existential-humanistic psychology community. This week’s roundup starts with a few surprises—a few little ditties to see how awake we all are. The first surprise comes from… Read more »

–Pop” Existentialism: A Psychological Epitaph


Existential thought comes in an amazing variety of forms, representing an array of views on many issues. From Kierkegaard’s radical faith to Nietzsche’s radical doubt, “existentialism” is surely a child of both pluralism and controversy. Existential forms of psychology are similarly diverse in nature, representing contrasting views on numerous topics. For example, Rollo May and… Read more »

In Memory of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


Photo by the New York World Telegram and Sun. Today we remember the life and work of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Rather than present secondhand analyses or interpretations, the New Existentialists will let the work of Dr. King speak for itself. We direct you to some of the following links to read some of… Read more »

Beyond Scientism and Relativism: Giorgi’s Commitment to Human Science


Amedeo Giorgi. In the field of phenomenological research, no one has done more to establish its legitimate scientific credentials than Amedeo Giorgi. In a new essay now available to the New Existentialists’ library, Marc Applebaum describes how Giorgi has offered an alternative to the scientism and relativism often found in psychology and what passes for… Read more »

Special Announcement: Task Force for the Advancement of Humanistic Research


I am very pleased to take this opportunity to make an important announcement. As President of the Society for Humanistic Psychology—Division 32 of the American Psychological Association—I have commissioned a Task Force for the Advancement of Humanistic Research. The SHP Executive Board, at a Mid-Winter Meeting this past weekend, agreed unanimously to support the formation… Read more »

A Remembrance of Tom Cloonan (1936-2013)


Sudden losses of ones we love can initiate the gut-wrenching reality we sometimes experience when confronting our finitude in mortality. Our existence is so fragile and susceptible to sudden termination and we know it. I have come to believe that everyone with whom I have a relationship, actually becomes part of me, and when they… Read more »

Remembering Clark Moustakas (1923-2012)


Michigan School of Professional Psychology Of being with Clark Moustakas,  Diane Blau recalls: I enter his office filled with a keen sense of anticipation. I have been invited here, all of me. I know there is a dedicated space prepared for me, ready for whatever I bring. I sit and feel his gentle and vital… Read more »