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Burning The Promethean Man


I just returned from my fifth year at Burning Man, and like every other year, I was not disappointed. With all of the recent press coverage, both positive and negative, Black Rock City is beginning to give the impression of a trendy spectacle of hippy Zsas Zsas and Warhols, but I caution: nothing could be… Read more »

The Case Against Client-Therapist Cultural Matching


The human solidarity that I envisage is not a global uniformity but unity in diversity. We must learn to appreciate and tolerate pluralities, multiplicities, cultural differences. (Gadamer in Pantham, 1992, p. 132) The realities of globalization and multicultural omnipresence initiated a socio-economic and political demand for the inclusion of the cultural other across all professional… Read more »

Holding Fire With Parchment: Personal Power and Greatness Through Soul Loss


Very recently, Clarissa Pinkola Estés, poet and Jungian psychoanalyst, said of the late Robin Williams, “He learned for 63 years of his life how to be ‘the fire handler.’ That is where I would praise him, for what he has managed to do for six+ decades; handle fire, while being made of parchment” (Estés, 2014)…. Read more »

Do Cats Know There Is a Future?


Human cognition is increasingly recognized as not that special among our animal cousins. Numerous demonstrations of other mammals and even birds capable of tool use, of language use, of empathy, and of a sense of fairness permeate the literature. Anyone who spends any time at all with their household pets must wonder at times what… Read more »

Sitting Still: A Shocking Choice


“All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone,” wrote Blaise Pascal. If that’s true, then what are we to make of a recent study showing that people—men especially—so hate being alone with their thoughts that they’ll shock themselves on a battery rather than spend 15 minutes in quiet… Read more »

Lying in Bed, Just Like Brian Wilson Did


Photo by Richard King. I heard it again, I don’t remember where: isn’t amazing how the Beach Boys could make all that beautiful, harmonious, uplifting music while their front man was so depressed? Wilson’s mental illness is legendary. The Barenaked Ladies famously penned a song about his breakdown: three years in bed gaining weight and… Read more »

Found Sunglasses: Existential Elation and the Summer Solstice


The symbol for awen. I write this just after the Summer Solstice, and I am on FIRE. The heat of my excitement seems to come directly from the Sun in its annual prime. Varied, multi-hued, beautiful images—recognizably concrete or mercurially abstract—are bubbling up from the deep spring of my psyche, ideas like reflected glints of… Read more »