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The link between existentialism and spirituality is Awe


Shortly after becoming an existential therapist, Bob Edelstein remembers having a conversation with Rollo May. “I asked if one could be both existential and spiritual.  He responded that it was essential to be both.” Edelstein recounts that story in his recent review of Kirk Schneider’s book Awakening to Awe, and it represents one of the most… Read more »

APA Monitor features article on Existential-Humanistic therapy


Abraham Maslow A notice to readers of the New Existentialists on the feature article “Searching for Meaning” in the American Psychological Association Monitor on Psychology (November, 2011): This article is groundbreaking because for the first time in memory, existential-humanistic therapy is being exclusively featured in the flagship newsletter of the American Psychological Association. This development,… Read more »