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The Art of Thinking Together

According to William Isaacs, professor, author and co-founder of the Center for Organizational Learning at MIT alongside Peter Senge, dialogue is a vehicle for creative problem identification and solving. However, it is different than what is normally conceived as problem solving. The usual modality to tackle problems is discussion. We are used to expose our… Read more »

VSM: The Most Valuable Organizational Chart You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

Among the luminaries of Organizational Development, Stafford Beer’s contributions are many and relevant today.  Perhaps it’s not a coincidence that cybernetician was both the least academic of his peer group and one that put his methods into practice on a grand scale. If you’re not familiar with his work, you should be:  his most notable… Read more »

How Sustainable is Your Personal Supply Chain?

Do you know your supply chain? Most people don’t. Most people never think of themselves as consumers, producers, and service providers who use companies and businesses to accomplish their goals. But we are all active members of almost innumerable supply chains, and this has enormous ramifications for the environment. Most supply chains have little regard… Read more »