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The Missing Dimensions and Context of “Org Charts”

Have you ever wondered how organizations evolve their structure? When is the optimal time to change the structure of an organization? What should the structure be and why? How should this structure be represented? Organizational structures are typically represented as inverted trees with the root of the organization at the top and its adjacent branches… Read more »

A Systemic Look at Evil and Empathy

Evil has been part of our consciousness since time immemorial. Our global mythology captures narratives about evil in every facet of our evolution. Our religions provide specific treatment for this subject based on their own cosmology. Most of our understanding of evil comes from its manifestation as acts of violence and cruelty recorded not only… Read more »

Organizational Culture: A Non-Judgmental Approach

Tom Peters and other organization development luminaries consider culture a key element in sustainability and success.  There are many studies and books seeking to understand and provide models for organizational culture. Most are based on the analysis of successful organizations, like Apple and Google, extracting characteristics that might have contributed to their success. In their… Read more »

How Interaction Shapes Our Worldviews and Political Affiliations

It’s so easy to become frustrated, disillusioned, and even apathetic to our current state of affairs in our political process. It appears that no one is happy—republican, democrat, or independent. I submit that in shedding our political affiliations, we are individualistic, conservative, modernistic, post-modernistic, and integrative. These are all classifications of mindsets, values and beliefs—our… Read more »

The Olympics, Its Organization, and the Cybernetics Lens

Every two years, we are fascinated by the athleticism, level of competition, and the human stories in the Olympics. The latest installment of the games did not disappoint. The opening ceremony in London was spectacular and, during the last two weeks, we witnessed and celebrated the accomplishments of so many athletes. If you have been… Read more »

The Third Industrial Revolution

The notion of the third industrial revolution originated with Jeremy Rifkin, the economist and prolific author of more than 20 books, including his latest The Third Industrial Revolution: How Lateral Power Is Transforming Energy, the Economy, and the World. Rifkin posits that our greatest economic developments arrive when a new form of energy converges with… Read more »

The “Great Recession”: An Organizational Narrative in a Time of Scarcity

For the organizations that survived the 2008 to 2009 recession, growth now seems to be the dominant theme. Is this a sign that we are past the scarcity introduced by the recession or is it just a form of coping with economic limitations? Most organizations in the U.S. experienced a revenue shrinkage that ranged between… Read more »

Leadership Development and Transformational Change

Even though the study of transformational change in organizations has become a popular research topic in the fields of management and leadership studies, it appears that only one in three change initiatives has been deemed successful, according to studies and publications by McKinsey & Company. Social scientists, psychologists and organizational developers have amassed thousands of… Read more »