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Inner Peace


Photo by Sasha Wolff Clients often come to therapy looking for relief from symptoms, armed with talking points from pharmaceutical advertisements (depression is a serious medical condition, I’m taking anti-depressants but I still feel sad, depression is caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain and I need to correct it). Sometimes, however, they arrive… Read more »

The difference between “having” Asperger’s and “being” Asperger’s


I think I “have” Asperger’s disorder. The “have” is in quotes because I’m not certain what it means to “have” it. If you have pneumonia, you just have it. There are bacteria in your lungs which are detectable and eradicable. You can go from having it to not having it to having it again, and… Read more »

Existential dimensions of Kill Bill: despair, revenge, and the ruinous nature of hope.


In the titular movie, Beatrix Kiddo awakens after several years in a coma brought on by the treacherous actions of Bill, her former boss and lover and father to her child.  Both she and her child are presumed comfortably dead by Bill and his employees, the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad. But Kiddo is no longer… Read more »

Where the myth of the white male “majority” came from


We do so enjoy our privilege Diversity is an issue among existential psychologists.  We tend to believe we are above the fray because we try to accept each person in an holistic manner.  We don’t always care about the labels or make the first move in talking about diversity.  Becoming more sensitive about the treatment… Read more »