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Veterans Day


It is that time of year again when I am reminded of my brief service in the U.S. military. For four years, I worked in satellite operations for the Air Force. It doesn’t happen often, but people sometimes people insist on including me in their statements of Veterans Day gratitude. I don’t feel terribly deserving… Read more »

A Little Ambiguity


The 1763 John Baskerville Bible. A friend commented last night that the whole country is going to Hell because Mr. Obama won the general election, and we voted for a lesbian senator. “Hell” here is capitalized because this friend meant it literally. We are not living Biblically and are therefore Hell-bound. I wanted to retort… Read more »

Atlas Shrugged, As Did Many Who Read It


Photo by Kurt Christensen A long time ago, while I was working as a barista to supplement my GI Bill and thus have the ability to buy food while going to college, I got into many interesting discussions with very many wonderful, fascinating people. I met feminists, weird cultists recruiting on street corners, quantum physics… Read more »

Lies and Relationships


Pinocchio by Enrico Mazzanti (1883) I was talking about behavior interventions with a group of host-home providers for adults with disabilities. I was explaining how we can change behavior by ignoring the undesired behavior, and rewarding or reinforcing the desired behavior, and especially about the ethics of doing so. Even disabled people are free to… Read more »

We Are a Christian Nation


Crowds cheering Osama bin Laden’s death. We are a Christian nation. We say it; we believe it; we don’t think that much more about it. And all our un-Christ-like thoughts and impulses are denied, becoming daimonic. Stephen Diamond (1996) posited that thoughts and feelings left untended can grow to dominate the personality. The angry person… Read more »



A 19th century French engraving. Modesty creates pornography. Follow me on this thought experiment. Imagine people tomorrow became completely immodest, giving up clothing and walls. Imagine sex became a no-big-deal public activity like having a meeting or eating lunch. Could you do sex tomorrow at 9am? Oh, that’s a little early for me. Could we… Read more »