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Dostoyevsky Out Of Context


Kazimir Malevich was punished by Stalin’s regime for creating bourgeois art. Stalin expected that all art reflect Communist beliefs: it was expected to be realist and populist. Malevich’s cubist works attempted to reduce scenes to their most basic visual elements, culminating in the infamous “black square.” His works were seized, some burned, and he was… Read more »

Can Anybody Tell Me…


Photo by Nickolai Kashirin. 80 times a day, or a hundred, or more. Seemed like a million, by the end of a shift. The man with Korsakoff’s syndrome repeats the same question over and over, each time forgetting whatever answer he has obtained usually within a few seconds. Can anybody tell me where I’m at… Read more »

Unconditional Love


Unconditional love. Is it possible for humans—or even desirable? We sometimes talk about the idea of unconditional romantic love. This seems the least likely of all loves. Romantic love necessarily discriminates. You love him because of who he is. If he were transformed into a whole other person, you’d not love him any more—at least,… Read more »



Photo by Jorge Barrios. In Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow, Sarah Kass writes about procrastination as a sometimes dysfunctional adaptation to deadlines. Some people work best under pressure, but procrastinators tend to live stressed-out and guilt-ridden lives. It is easier to engage with the distractions than with the things that really need doing, making it… Read more »