Tag: Improving Performance

Leading Public Organizations Creatively

The belief that government must continue to be structured and must function in 2012 as it has in the past is a myth. There is much that public sector leaders can do to change their organizational culture, improve the quality of services they deliver, and become more efficient stewards of the public’s money. I would… Read more »

11 Weeks as an Action Researcher

We had been following the blue Mercedes for almost 10 minutes up and down the streets of an upscale Miami neighborhood on that hot July morning before its driver, a middle-aged man accused of swindling private investors out of hundreds of thousands of dollars, slammed on the brakes bringing his car to a screeching halt…. Read more »

Leadership Development: What’s It Worth?

I’ll be travelling to Chicago next week to meet with a prospective insurance industry client. I’m joining Lisa, a sales director who has been talking with the potential client about our training programs and consulting services. The head of the company’s talent development function is interested in creating a centralized approach to leadership development that… Read more »

Paying Attention Develops the Brain’s Plasticity

Everything I read points to the need for attention for our brains to develop new neurons and synapses, and I’ve been wondering about awareness and attention. Mindfulness practice is an awareness and attention practice where we build our capacity to pay attention by stopping our activity and focusing on our direct and immediate experience. We… Read more »

The “Great Recession”: An Organizational Narrative in a Time of Scarcity

For the organizations that survived the 2008 to 2009 recession, growth now seems to be the dominant theme. Is this a sign that we are past the scarcity introduced by the recession or is it just a form of coping with economic limitations? Most organizations in the U.S. experienced a revenue shrinkage that ranged between… Read more »

Creating Space: A Critical Aspect of Sustainability

I was recently asked what I was currently working on to support sustainable life on the planet. Over the years, I have been doing my part by recycling, reducing my consumption, reducing carbon usage, and bringing sustainability conversations into my university and other groups in which I participate; however, when I reflected on this question,… Read more »

When Forging Agreements, Silence is… Silence

Agreements are the currency of human systems. Many agreements are implicit social or cultural conventions. We’re not really conscious that we’ve agreed to anything when we stop at red lights, for example, or when we allow people to exit the elevator before we enter. Other agreements are hard won and inconsistently implemented. When I ask… Read more »