Tag: Improving Performance

Threats, Norms, and Culture: What a New Study of National Cultures Might Teach Us About the Cultures Our Organizational Systems Produce

Is it appropriate to kiss in a restaurant? How about in an elevator? Would it be socially acceptable to curse in a public park? Eat during a job interview? Turns out—and it’s not particularly surprising—that the answer to these questions has a lot to do with the country you live in.  It also turns out… Read more »

Innovative “Clouds” on the Organizational Horizon

Ever wonder why organizational leaders cling to old ways of doing business? I did the other day while looking at my desk, equipped with a 1-week-old Motorola XOOM, a wireless keyboard, and some scattered whiteboard markers. I found myself questioning why organizations tend to be reluctant about technological innovations, like “cloud computing,” when its tools… Read more »

Thinking Better Means Slowing Down to Think More

 The complexity surrounding our everyday life leaves many of us feeling drained, perpetually chasing an infinite to do list. We run faster and faster, hurrying to get things done, to meet deadlines, and to keep pace with demands and challenges. This hectic pace is overwhelming that it challenges our ability to sustain high performance.   How… Read more »

Fading Ink: How the Unsustainable Business Model of Newspapers Can Transition

Ted Turner called it in 1981. That was the first time the media mogul predicted the newspaper industry’s inevitable death, blaming its stale format for its eventual demise. He assumed the death would be quick and painless as more and more readers became viewers of his brand new cable news venture, CNN. Turner gave the… Read more »