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Good Enough: Progress Not Perfection in Our Organizations

The notion of perfection has been on my mind a lot lately. While working with a group that is feeling the pressure and uncertainty of the challenges it is confronting, I notice the discussions seem to swirl around a notion, unspoken but heard by all: “Whatever we do, it better be the right answer—we can’t… Read more »

Stories of a Storyteller: Perspective is Everything

I remember covering the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life in April 2003. Well, sort of. I was four months into my internship with The Miami Herald at the time covering the civic beat in the town of Miami Lakes, a suburb about 30 minutes northwest of Miami. I landed that intership after stringing for… Read more »

Organizations as Communities: Invoking the Human Spirit

It’s Monday and you wake up without an alarm clock, looking forward to your day at the office—you love what you do and you love the people with whom you work. You are a member of a community: trust, mutual support, open communication, and friendships sustain your whole self as much as the income you… Read more »

The Hidden Structures that Stifle You

Ever wonder what the essence of being you is while you’re at work? Ever wonder why you feel constrained at work as if the real you’s buried a bit? Chances are you are not alone. The camouflaging of self appears to be part of the reason why today’s executives and office workers feel like they’re… Read more »

A Little “Pecha Kucha”

The phrase pecha kucha means “chit-chat” in Japanese. In 2003, two European architects created a new type of presentation that they christened Pecha Kucha and the format of this presentation stays true to its name. A Pecha Kucha is a community session where individuals present an idea in a structured PowerPoint presentation of 20 slides… Read more »

Polarity Thinking: Learning to Accept Both Sides of an Argument

Russ believes in equal opportunity. He looks down on the greed, the disparities, and the selfishness that, he believes, presently dominate U.S. culture. The way Russ sees it, the individualistic view that’s caused all of the country’s current economic problems overshadows our ability as a society to create a system that takes care of all… Read more »

SYSTEMS THINKING IN ACTION: A Conversation with Storyteller David Hutchens

Storytelling’s not big in the business world. Author and consultant David Hutchens says he encounters resistance every time he asks executives to tell him about the results they got on a project. They generally clam up, he said, and default to standard answers. We reached our target, some executives will say. Others will tell him… Read more »


How we view the world around us is pretty darn interesting from the perspective of systems thinker Charlotte Roberts. According to Roberts, our mental models shape the structures we create, the patterns that we spot, and the events that we choose to see or acknowledge. It’s a hierachical evolution of perception—applicable to both individuals and… Read more »