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The Red-Star Steward of Sustainability

Heineken just seemed to be a beer company to me; one with a ripened value due to years of good reputation. I had never thought about the company’s ethics toward profitability or brand positioning until this week when I had dinner with Heineken USA’s VP of Corporate Responsibility and Ethics during a business trip to… Read more »

Organizations as Communities: Invoking the Human Spirit

It’s Monday and you wake up without an alarm clock, looking forward to your day at the office—you love what you do and you love the people with whom you work. You are a member of a community: trust, mutual support, open communication, and friendships sustain your whole self as much as the income you… Read more »

The Hidden Structures that Stifle You

Ever wonder what the essence of being you is while you’re at work? Ever wonder why you feel constrained at work as if the real you’s buried a bit? Chances are you are not alone. The camouflaging of self appears to be part of the reason why today’s executives and office workers feel like they’re… Read more »

Alex and Ani: A Vision of Positivity Makes Waves in the Ocean State and Beyond

In a world where the original Ben & Jerry’s may only be a memory trace for many young Americans, Alex and Ani is creating a deep offshore swell of waves prompting many to grab their organizational surf boards and join the team. This movement birthed in Rhode Island appears to be the first positivity movement… Read more »

The Impact of Social Investing On the Next Generation

A young person from a wealthy family has an incredible array of choices as he or she enters adulthood and considers the age-old question—what will I do with my life? How do I make a difference? For the heir of a wealthy family, the many opportunities that lie ahead may include an undertone of anxiety… Read more »

Sharing the Responsibility of Leading: Employee Engagement & Shared Leadership

Could a shared leadership framework enable organizations to deal with complexity, improve decision-making, enable adaptability and nimbleness, and increase performance across the board?  Researchers such as Craig L. Pierce and Henry P. Sims Jr. would say yes! What exactly is shared leadership and how could it improve an organization’s performance?  Shared leadership is a multi-faceted… Read more »

Reflections on Dialogue: The Power of Shared Meaning

At Saybrook’s August 2010 residential conference, I participated in the generative and strategic dialogue seminar facilitated by Dr. Nancy Southern, Dr. Kathia C. Laszlo and Dr. Alexander Laszlo of the organizational systems program. Learning about the difference between discussion and dialogue was particularly transformative and deepened my understanding of the concept of “thinking together”—at work,… Read more »

The Planet’s Life is in Our Hands… Really? Seriously?

If you’re hearing undertones of sarcasm laced with anger and heartbreak in the title of this post, you’re reading me right. I originally had grand intentions of creating an enlightened piece about integral leadership and spiral dynamics… well, not really, but it sounds dazzling. Instead, my attention swayed toward news over the more than 48… Read more »

Phenomenological Leadership: An Old Philosophy for Modern Leaders

I’ll never forget being a young manager having learned to know-it-all, or defend-it-all, but not having truly “heard-them-all.”  So, who is the them?  And, why should we stop to hear what they say? Them refers to a leader’s followers. Even though I don’t like the word “followers” because it suggests a lower-rung status for organizational… Read more »

Building Cultures of Partnership and Peace: Four Cornerstones

How can we end the cycles of violence and injustice that cause so much suffering and misery? Is a more peaceful and equitable world really possible? If so, what would it actually look like? My research over several decades has focused on these questions. They are questions deeply rooted in my own early life experiences,… Read more »