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Pictures of Our Planet and its Changing Climate

Pictures of the earth from space have always fascinated me. Boundaries disappear. The beauty of the planet engenders awe. Astronaut Wheelock has captured many beautiful images from his recent journeys in space. More than 10 years ago, the Monterey Bay Acquarium offered a slide show of photographs of the earth taken from space during during… Read more »

Three Levels of Conversations: Learning to Access an Organization’s Unique, Imaginative Intelligence

Can you help us with our strategic planning? Our organization needs assistance in constructing specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound (or SMART) goals and clarifying objectives. Like most consultants, I am often approached with such requests.  Typically, a leader wishes to tease out a tactical plan in half a day in order to quickly move… Read more »

The World Needs More “Women’s Work”

Reflecting on the significance of Mother’s day my daughter told me: “Today, everybody should celebrate two mothers: our birth mother and also Mother Earth.” And she is right: the Earth is loving, nurturing and generous in supporting all of its creatures. What can we learn from our mothers and from the Earth as we seek… Read more »

“Dialogue” at Work is Easier Said, and Said, and Said Than Done

Organizational leaders seem to start “conversations” by inviting people to “discuss” everything from company marketing plans to daily personal matters.  But, true discussions don’t always happen.  You already knew that through didn’t you?  Let’s face it, “conversation” is or can be one of those overused words like “authentic leadership.” When we opt to do toss… Read more »

21st-century Management Needs a History Lesson

This is the 150th anniversary of the U.S. Civil War’s beginning – and recent political events brought this painfully to my awareness.  As Donald Trump celebrated forcing the president of the United States show his birth certificate, I read a blog by Goldie Taylor titled “Why Obama shouldn’t have had to show his papers,” which… Read more »

Creativity: What an Office Cubical and an Artist Studio Have in Common

Creativity in the workplace. I remember hearing that phrase for the first time and wondering, how can that be?  It seemed a conundrum. At the time I believed that creativity could only be expressed in the work of artistic people. Creativity was the expression of unique ideas and the workplace was a place to do… Read more »

Employees Are People Too: Their Humanity Belongs at the Office

During a recent conversation, my good friend Adesuyi and I realized that there are some common reasons so many people have painful organizational experiences.  The command and control leadership tactics; overemphasis on achieving organizational goals like meeting target bottom-line figures; reducing costs (for businesses) by all means necessary; neglecting the human spirit—it’s almost as though… Read more »

The First Lesson of Effective 21st-century Leadership: Stop Being the Boss

As a leader and entrepreneur I often want people to do as I say and not give me their opinion or disagree. So often we’d get through things much faster and I that way. But I try not to give in to that easy solution because I’ve learned, time and time again, that without my… Read more »