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The Decider: Exploring Effective Group Action

Looking at the gridlock in Congress and the failing leadership of our president, I have been reflecting on the relationship between decisions and results. It’s hard to think about the wisdom of the hive when we see Congress’ ineffectiveness. Their group process also has aspects of dysfunctional groupthink, indiscriminate blaming, and the avoidance of responsibility. … Read more »

Will the real systemic leaders please stand up?

Last night on CNN, Republican Congressman Trey Gowdy of South Carolina used the “s” word to describe the kind of change he wants to see in Washington, D.C., to end the recurring debt-default issue once and for all. The “s” word he used was systemic. “Systemic change,” Mr. Gowdy said, is the change he’d like… Read more »

Unemployment: A Sign of “Uncertainty” or the Need for a New Set of Assumptions?

As America’s countdown towards default continues, we keep hearing that it’s “uncertainty” about the economy that is keeping companies with big bank on hand from hiring new employees. That seems reasonable on its face.  After all, the news reports say we’re headed towards financial Armageddon … and honestly they have for some time.  Sure, the… Read more »

Shaping the Hope and Promise of South Sudanese Children

Saturday, July 9, 2011, marked a great milestone for the African continent with the birth of a new nation—the Republic of South Sudan. Traditional and contemporary media outlets across the globe highlighted the new nation’s independence day celebrations as they unfolded in Juba, South Sudan’s capital. As many countries welcome South Sudan to the United… Read more »

In Care and Full Service

A segment on NPR’s Fresh Air caught my attention recently, bringing to mind organizational life and the complexities of the helping human systems process. On the show, host Terry Gross interviewed Jessica Goodell, a U.S. Marine who served in Iraq with the Marine Mortuary Affairs Platoon in 2004. As Goodell talked about her memoir, Shade… Read more »

A Sustainable Earth Needs Lobbyists More Than It Needs Visionaries

In a recent column, Thomas Friedman proclaimed that “the Earth is full.” We’ve reached the point where we have too many people using too few resources, and trying to keep on keeping on this way will only lead to more trouble. The good news, he suggests, is that this makes fundamental transformation inevitable.  Friedman quotes… Read more »

Negotiating While Rome Burns

Pointing fingers. Casting blame. Passing the buck. Any cliché that implies fault accurately describes what happened on Capitol Hill last week as senators and members of Congress did everything they could to deflect responsibility over a possible government shutdown to members of their opposing party. They played the same blame game over the problem that… Read more »