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Wounded, then ignored

Early this month the U.S. Department of Defense made a momentous decision: soldiers suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder are not entitled to receive Purple Hearts. That the DOD even reviewed the proposal shows how far acceptance of PTSD as a psychologically real – and devastating – condition has come. Saybrook Psychology faculty member Stanley… Read more »

What ambulance services can learn from coffee shops

There’s good news for San Franciscans who are sick or injured – ambulance response times have increased noticeably after years of effort. But it could have been great news. That’s according to David Williams, a Saybrook PhD student in Organizational Systems, who is one of the nation’s leading experts in Emergency Medical Service (EMS) system…. Read more »

Diagnosing in the Dark: Why the DSM should see the light

Homosexuality used to be a mental disorder.  Shyness still is.  So is not being shy.  The Diagnostics and Statistical Manual—the “Bible of Mental Illness” consulted by psychiatrists—is no stranger to controversy.  What gets classified as a mental illness differs every decade, and impacts millions of lives.  But a new kind of controversy is surrounding the… Read more »

Somebody helps those who help themselves: Study shows connection between religion and self-control

According to a report to be published in the upcoming issue of Psychological Bulletin, people who attend church regularly – or at least have internalized a strong commitment to religious values – will have an easier time keeping their New Year’s resolutions.   It’s not just that it takes self-control to sit through religious services.  Even accounting for… Read more »