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Bargain hunting for religion

First the Obamas had the country in a tizzy over what dog they were going to pick.  Now they’re looking for a church.  You better believe that’s getting press coverage.  But amid the clamor and hype about the first couple “church shopping,” a fundamental truth about American life is being brought into focus:  people really… Read more »

Emotion is at the heart of the heart

It seems that anger really can kill you:  a furious heart can burst, and a sorrowful heart can break. That’s the result of recent research published in the latest issue of The Journal of the American College of Cardiology.  According to the research, anger leads to irregular heart rhythms, which increase the chance of mortality,… Read more »

The poet and the psychologist

Ask most poets who the biggest influences on them are, and you’ll usually get a list of other poets – Byron, Shelley, Keats, Frost, Whitman, Plath, or Ginsberg. But when Tom Greening tries to think of the most important influences on his poetry, the two names he comes up with are psychologists. “Rollo May was… Read more »

Love is a many splendored … chemical?

Of all the emotions, love is surely the most talked about – and the hardest to explain.  Unless you’re a neurologist, that is:  January saw several publications claiming that love was entirely explainable by neurochemical reactions.  “Love:  Neuroscience reveals all,” reads a headline in the journal Nature’s Jan. 8 issue.  You don’t need flowers:  the… Read more »

Wisconsin and Minnesota find ‘opportunity’ in ‘crisis’

Sometimes history happens—and nobody notices. Two weeks ago the governors of Wisconsin and Minnesota challenged 200 years of precedent by announcing that, to cope with the financial crisis, they are directing their states to look for ways to share and consolidate services with each other. It is virtually unheard of in the American system for… Read more »