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Is William James a “philosopher for the new century” two centuries in a row?

That’s the question the Saybrook Forum asked psychology faculty member Eugene Taylor, an internationally renowned scholar on the life and work of William James, after the question was raised by the The New Humanist magazine.  His response is below.  William James: Still One Hundred and Fifty Years Ahead of His Time In a thoughtful article… Read more »

First chess, now music: just how creative can computers get?

“Nobody’s original,” says composer David Cope. Here’s what he means: there’s no such thing as “creativity,” only endless copying, theme, and variation. “Everybody copies from everybody. The skill is in how large a fragment you choose to copy and how elegantly you can put them together.” Cope is making more than just an argument with… Read more »

Food, baths, and bed aren’t enough

Every 70 seconds, someone in the U.S. is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.  According to the Alzheimer’s Association, that means that there could be up to 16 million Americans with Alzheimer’s by 2050 – and that’s only one of many different kinds of dementia that afflict the elderly. In the most literal sense possible, what are… Read more »

Special courts for veterans? No thanks.

It’s simple arithmetic:  more and more veterans are showing signs of post-traumatic stress disorder(PTSD) and traumatic brain injury (TBI), as more and more soldiers are coming home from war.  This adds up to tragedy.  More veterans are getting into trouble after they return home, and many of them are in the nation’s prison system.  A… Read more »

Will “results only” rules for federal workers deliver good results?

It’s one small step for 400 people – but could turn into a huge change for the federal government. The United States Office of Personnel Management has announced that it will implement a pilot “results only” work program for 400 federal employees – allowing them to work wherever, whenever, and however they want, and evaluating… Read more »

Civilizing the Economy: what we can do if the myths of capitalism don’t add up to the facts

If you want to prove capitalism works, you might think back to 18th century Glasgow.  That’s where Adam Smith was when he created the theory of market capitalism – he looked around, saw open markets, saw competition, saw the industriousness and prosperity that resulted, and correctly concluded that a system of free markets based on… Read more »